Film Festival | Rodrigo Moreno presents “Los delinquents” in Cannes: “I want the viewer to spend 3 hours without looking at his mobile phone”

Three years in prison or 20 doing the same meaningless chore? This dilemma poses the film criminals Argentine director Rodrigo Moreno. It is one of the few films in Spanish to compete in any of the Cannes categories. This representative of new Argentine cinema appears for the first time in the festival of festivals by choosing in the category certain look —Second Most Important — Chilean Film settlersby Felipe Galvez. In the main competition there is no Hispanic film.

At first glance, the dilemma formulated by Moreno – a prison or a repulsive job? – has a fairly easy answer. From traditional morality, no one chooses to commit a crime. Even less I would have seen it as a form of personal liberation. but this The analogy of working as a prison, without being too original, still very modern. It resonates today when the four-day week has more and more followers or where an increase in the minimum retirement age from 62 to 64 has led to massive protests in France.

Dilemma between work and a freer life

I was inspired by an Argentinian movie from 1949, which was titled Hardly a criminal” Moreno, 50, explains in an interview in Cannes. As it happened in that suspenseful movie in the middle of the twentieth century, criminals Tell a story about Two bank employees who decided to steal their being. They are Moran and Roman, played respectively by Argentine actors Daniel Elías and Esteban Bigliardi.

But whereas in the 1949 play, the banker emptied the safe to become a millionaire, now they only get the exact salary for the 25 years of work they left before retirement. Not a dollar more and not a dollar less. They do this in order to give themselves the same pay as before, though enjoying a freer and more idle life. Without alienation function. says Moreno, who was already interested in Dilemma between work and a freer life and idle in several of his previous businesses, such as break (2002), guardian (2006) or Raymond (2014).

Play with the canons of classic and cinematic cinema

“I tried to make a heartless thriller to take to A.J a more existential world” The Argentine director, who has competed in the past, confirms Golden bear in Berlin. His films have also been present at the Toronto or San Sebastian Film Festival. Moreno claims his desire to “play with the conventions of classic and cinematic cinema”, such as suspense. Something that the French filmmakers of new wavewhose influence is evident in this Argentinian film.

I am interested in members of the journal Cinema brochures It’s how they revisited classic cinema to break the canons and create a cinematic avant-garde,” he explains. “I focused on cinematic language & rdquor; Director adds criminalsWhich uses techniques repeated in modern cinema such as split screen or fade to black. “he Film language is on its way to extinction. Currently, only a few peasants speak it and I think it is good to speak in this language.” “If it is a political film, it is above all in this sense & rdquor; he adds, pointing to this desire to substantiate cinematic language.

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Cinema of the Argentine author and influence new wave. At first glance, a cocktail seems synonymous with an overabundance of pretentiousness. But, in fact, one of the successes criminals She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Leave room for Fun and humorous. It’s a long movie, but it’s also fun.

According to Moreno, “The viewer wants to achieve Spend three hours without looking at a cell phone (Mobile phone) And enjoy watching the movie. The quest for freedom for its protagonists is also about that.” He suggests a utopia in the current times: forgetting the small screen to focus on the big screen. Thus enjoying the sight of a bank robber, but also a libertine, riding in the middle of some wonderful Argentine landscapes, as if John Ford.

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