Fierce Awards | Pedro Almodóvar receives the Firoz de Honor Medal with an emotional speech: “The public health system is in danger”

During the celebration b Fierce Awards 2023And Pedro Almodóvar was awarded the Honorable Mention for his long career in the world of cinema. Go on stage, director He gave an emotional speech He reviewed his life and also claimed the amazing work done by health workers in recent years.

He started talking about it his momconfirming that it was her She conveyed “a whole culture that is basically rural but very cosmopolitanBecause the foundation of that culture was to stay in any circumstance and be unbiased when it came to having initiatives that would help you move forward.” She also acknowledged that she learned that “The daily struggle for survival is not incompatible with humor”.

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Regarding his stay in Madrid, he admitted that “I was a strange kid in the city, but there (Madrid) there were a lot of people like me. Living there between 1977 and 1985 was a landmark for me, as everything was possible in Madrid and also It was initially a cause of pain but after a great inspiration After she had her first addicted boyfriend. I suffered a lot, but years later he inspired me much more than what I suffered.”

With his past mentioned, it’s time to send a message of support to the restrooms: “I support the demands for toilets. One pillar of our welfare society is at risk: Comprehensive and free public health system.

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