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Paula Avellanas Magdalena crosses with his first feature film script under his arm. The north wind whipped his hair and thoughts. At eighteen, the future archaeologist just wants to be a storyteller. Innate talent and riveting button shows about the power of cinema in the turbulent life as creativity. coming of age to feel, see, be and design images. If there is something that characterizes the relationship that exists between the city of Zaragoza and the so-called Seventh Art, it is a ‘love story’ of its own, intimate and recognizable.

The beginning of this truly beautiful friendship comes from what he longs for Jose Luis Borao: that in Zaragoza it was not only filmed, but also produced and revealed the first film of Spanish cinema. Although the question of industry remains the big lingering issue, the work of new and new filmmakers whom the 21st century has given value has valued the manual talent that conquers both in front of and behind the camera, a problem that has also resonated with nominations for Joya’s Awards surly in recent editions.

loyal audience

Since the last century, the importance of sharing the screen in Zaragoza has been a strong reference for the premiere schedule and maintenance on the bill. For something grateful, Álex de la Iglesia visits the city on the courses of the principals of Palafox and Aragonia, when dealing with the vitality and grace of the “fourth passenger” in a matter of months. At another time, there were cinema clubs, wonderful catacombs to strengthen the cinema spirit of the young, faithful and curious. And against all odds, Filmoteca de Zaragoza has always been and continues to be, in its inalienable and civil commitment to presenting quality, perspectives, worldviews and its cinematic depictions.

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In these, the audience was from Zaragoza and remains a loyal hero. His relationship to cinema goes through the tenderness and complicity of welcoming any promotional and advocacy initiative that comes from the big screen, from beacon institutions like the University of Zaragoza to small big forums like Dean Tertulia Berdiger. And its competitions and festivals, large and small, existing and new. The Windy City loves cinema and it does so with critical, social and, above all, colloquial review.. It is the spoken film that lingers on the feelings of those who dared delve into its narrative and emotional alphabet.

With the presence of the Fairuz awards and its meticulous introductory programming, it is confirmed that Zaragoza has responded, said stop, with a big and bold letter. This was seen in the long queue before visiting Javis, or Almodóvar’s “Master”. And Zaragoza has managed, in record time, to make the awards its own, reviving the principle that “the audience is the great hero”: enthusiastic, informed and passionate spectators, lovers of audiovisual materials and their formats, cinema and series, fun, festive and also the most serious people.

At the change of seasons, the next appointment and invitation will undoubtedly pass through the campus of La Immortal, which, with care and precision, the Society of Cinematic Detectives of Spain is also energizing the city council and its neighbors. From dimensions and ramifications all over the state, with La Immortal Zaragoza you will once again defeat within the sector, you will take the pulse of the profession, you will ‘communicate’ and, above all, you will be identified alphabetically with the many carats of useful audience that in the “Premium” mode will drink From cinema wise and its inclinations.

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As the marketing campaign says, the audience is not stupid. And the one who sat on the chair should be treated as smartly as he did Hitchcock, completes the film in his neocortex. In a digital and also consumer atmosphere, visiting stars and experts of all trades and places will reveal what we already knew: we are in the cinema. Fernando Leon de Aranoa said that there will be a new cinema when there is a new look. Nurturing and nurturing watching and doing, dazzling and photographing, buds, growing and excited about artistic and cultural initiatives like this.


fierce and timeless

This is the season of cinematography, where voices like Eduardo Casanova help move forward in films like “La Piedad”, capturing witness to an honest nonconformity Pedro Almodovar. Fierce on the agenda, between the Gaudí and Goya Awards, for cinema that acts as witness and creator in order to tell and transcend facts and stories. An art that bets on memory, values, experience, and a cinematic and rebellious aura.

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The best thing that could happen. The Eternal City took over the fierce. And far from the brilliance of stars, awards and ceremonies, the red carpet is now at the service of the public, so it is the same that steps on the agenda and shines on this dream paper. fierce and timeless. To participate, come and clap. To come, point and ask. Beyond masses and audiences, it is the moment for the spectator, for those who look and change things, for those who, after experiencing cinema, make the world a “kinder, more human, less strange” place.

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Post scriptum. On the eighth of March, the centenary of the birth of the great benefactor Jose Maria Forque, from Zaragoza and professional author to whom the cinema and the city owe equal shares. Architect of emotions and types, who knew how to be and be in difficult times, one of the “Theft at Three” and also author of “Ramon y Cajal: A History of Will”. Kajal was a pioneer in identifying the ten synapses that make up the retina. The watchful eye of institutions should also take note and capitalize on their legacy and planting on such an important date.

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