Fernando “Estrella”, Madrid movement musician and founder of Peor Impossible, dies at 63

Ferdinand StarThe famous performance artist and cook died at the age of 63 in Utrera. Estrella’s departure caused quite a stir in Mallorca, where he was widely known and loved.

Ferdinand Star He suffered from cancer who in recent weeks has taken him to the hospital. At all times, he was covered alone. Just a week ago, her family and friends threw a huge party for her to celebrate her 63rd birthday. At his side were Paco León, Peppa Charo, Pedro Almodovar, Eduardo Casanovas and Paco Leone among others.

It was precisely the actor and director Paco Leone who raised the alarms about the state of health of the versatile artist last Sunday, when he posted on his official Instagram account a congratulatory message to Estrella, in which he included the label. ‘intensive care’.

Fernando Estrella’s vigil is being held at Utrera’s funeral home and he will be cremated on February 9.

Cook and artist

Fernando Fernandez, “The Superstar”, born in Utrera (Seville) He was the eldest of five siblings. This forced him to learn to cook under his mother’s orders. In the army, he met the technical director Tony Partners, who came to him Mallorca. In 1978 he had his first contact with the island thanks to Tony Socias, with whom he arrived in Mallorca. Together they created Peor Impossible, a funky and avant-garde band, created in 1983 consisting of Rossi de PalmaAnd Fernando Estrella, Angelis Yurina, Jose Vertudis, Baltasar Munar, Sara Ledoux, Lina Mira and Sulpicio Molinawith only one album, EmotionPut the public in his pocket.

Impossibly worse was born “To move a Halloween party that’s been going on for six years.”. About what his group mate Rossi de Palma was, Fernando Estrella liked to brag about being him who found out. “It was me and it wasn’t Pedro Almodovar. She played the drum machine in Impossible Worst, but she didn’t want to go on stage.”

They played in different venues in Madrid, where at that time La Movida was in full swing. Their first release was “Susurrando”, and its success helped them tour Italy with Gabinete Caligari and La Frontera.And, for the man from Utrera, that meant reaching out to cultural exponents like Pedro Almodóvar, who included him on the set of films like La ley del deseo or Kika.

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The Worst Impossible disbanded in 1989, and some of its members founded Diapticas Aceliradas, while Fernando gradually moved away from Madrid and returned to Seville. He spent a few years there, until he returned to Mallorca to open one of the most prestigious venues in Palma de Mallorca with Peppa Charo and Xavi de la Heras: he Flexas tape. There he gave life to his stoves for nearly a decade.

Eight years ago, Fernando Estrella decided to leave the island and make his home in Utrera place of birth. He returned to Mallorca in January 2020 to announce the Sant Sebastia Festival.

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