Fernando Benzo Saenz Wins Azuren Prize for “On the Bad Guys”

Writer Fernando Benzo Sainz became the new winner b Azurene Prize for Fiction 2023with persecuteda “fast-paced” action story with “intrigue and social disapproval”, Novel “About the Bad Guys”the author stated after the party at ADDA, which was hosted by actress Eva Esanta.

Benzo Saenz (Madrid, 1965), present General Director of Sport of the Community of Madridasserted that it is a “very ambitious” novel and “I would say it is a story of characters pursued by their own destiny, their past and their own environment.”

The story is worth 45,000 euros of the award Held by Diputación and Grupo Planeta, it tells the life story of Daniela, a young investigative journalist who is interested in a possible pact between the Minister of the Interior and an imprisoned Serbian mafia so as not to reveal an alleged police corruption plot, and Dardo, a gang leader of quinquis from Madrid’s San Blas district .

The characters he’s been following from the ’70s to the present” are peripheral objectsHe emphasized that in addition to committing crimes of love and suffering, they go through their good and bad moments, and also live many adventures. And it also wants to be a novel of adventures and emotions that grip your stomach and your heart.

The novel delves into Evolution of traffic and consumption drugs In SpainFrom cannabis to heroin and cocaine political corruption connected to this world. “It’s completely fictional, but things that actually happened are included, even though they’re not even at the historical moment in which they happened. Let’s say there’s a game with reality.”

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Benzo Saenz has developed an extensive literary activity since his signing His first novel Happy yearsin 1988. Since then he has published other titles that stand out among them Mary Lou and the Comfortable Life (Cotexa-City of Iron Award), “After the Rain” (Majadahonda City Award), Ashes of innocenceAnd We were never champions And Milky Way travelers.

In addition to the novel Benzo Sainz explore short story; His award-winning pieces are collected in the volume Ten Sad Tales. He has also made forays into both theatre, Scotty, and non-fictional heroes.

He also held the position of Minister of State for Culture, Technical Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior and Director General of the Foundation for Victims of Terrorism, among other public positions.

Four memories

This year’s Azorín Prize coincided with The 150th anniversary of the writer’s birth and the 52nd since his death, which is only fulfilled today; The thirty were agreed upon between the Diputación and Grupo Planeta, and the 200 from the provincial corporation. Its president, Carlos Mazón, took advantage of his speech specifically to say goodbye: “This is the last Azuren award I get,” he said.

This year the gala pointed out the theatrical side of the Monóvar composer in the rendition ceremony, where Isanta, along with the actors Jesús Olmedo and Cristina Plaza, performed on stage a part of the Reapera work by Monóvar that premiered in 1927 and is part of the “Invisible” trilogy.

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There was also music, as usual, with ADDA Simfònica, directed on this occasion by Tomás Grau, with a program made up of another work from Alicante, Oscar Espla. The evening concluded with a dance by Elche dancer and choreographer Asson Noales, winner of four Max Awards, who accompanied the orchestra on some of the pieces.

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The competition jury, chaired by Julia Parra, was made up of Planeta’s managing editor, Belen López-Selada. writers Juan Islava Galán, Luz Gabas, and Reyes Calderón; Spain’s Academic of Performing Arts Carlos Ferrer; Writer and literary critic Juan Ramón Torregrosa and Secretary General of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Amparo Coninx Frasquite.

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