Feminism “Little Women”, in pencils by Antonio Llorente

Painter Antonio Llorente Come home for Christmas. Peter PanAnd the Anne of Green GablesAnd the Tom Sawyer and now, Little women: The nostalgic melody of nougat can be applied to the 35-year-old from Almeria, because it is performed every year around this time. His version of one of the great youth classics, in an accurate version of Edelvives. This time he dared to act Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888), originally published in 1868. “She is the classic of the classics, the queen of the classics!” , repeats the cartoonist, who claims that it is “a story with timeless ingredients, very modern and contemporary, that continues today just as it did in its time, when it was a revolution, because it is very feminist and because of the many values ​​it conveys. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, which they try to correct.” .

Louisa May Alcott as herself Defender of women’s rightsMuch of his reign is reflected in the history of the March family. Little women happen through American Civil War (1861-1865), with four younger sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy, With very different personalities, they grew up with their mother in Massachusetts while their father was on the front. The novel, successively transferred to the big screen, was such a success for its author that, by popular demand, it was published the following year. continuation, These little womenAnd the For which Laurent is finishing his illustrated edition, which will be released in the spring. This salvage of the classic coincides with that of Viena Edicions, releasing the two volumes with the full version of the text in Catalan.

Joe is the key, the most intellectual of the sisters, The young woman who just wants to be a writerthe character that marked the authors as Simone de Beauvoir, Patti Smith, Elvira Lindo or Espedo Freire, as she herself recalls in the preface to the Edelvives edition. May Alcott always said Jo was her alternate personality Laurenti remembers. She was a writer ahead of her time, the time when women were told they must marry. And with an atmosphere that breaks all the charts. Although he succumbed to pressure from readers, who wanted him to marry her, he did not marry Laurie. [el joven nieto de su vecino]But with someone much older than him.”

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Women’s Empowerment

when explained Anne of Green GablesBy Lucy Maud Montgomery, readers “shout out” for her to cover, too Little women. “They wanted to bring it together I. They have the same spirit. They are empowered women, feminists, ahead of their time.”.

Pop surrealism

Always with a notebook and pencil in his pocket and sketchbooks piled up, Lorente merges with a completely recognizable world. In his characters, his big watery eyes always stand out. The eyes are the mirror of the soul! When the character is looking at you, in the foreground, they are doing so directly. You know if he’s sad or sad. You notice the feeling it conveys to you, and it depends on what the observer feels,” asserts who is part of the style that defines “pop surrealism.” It affected me a lot when I was studying fine art, and discovered Mark Ryden or Margaret Keene, the precursor of this movement of huge eyes, extravagant heads and disproportionate dolls, which at the same time have their proportions,” says the author, who also drinks from Baroque and Caravaggio to create illustrations that “Things that provide an out-of-text reading tell things that are complemented by the accompanying story.”

Characters with soul

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Not only did he handle large, full-page, color illustrations, fold-outs, but also the rest of the truffled graphic elements. This complete edition translated by Axel Alonso Valle: annotations, engravings, endnotes, details at the bottom of the page or images Metaphor, such as the red sewing thread (in Japanese associated with love), which unravels when the sisters are separated from home, referring to the “fraternal union Jo fears to lose”. “The challenge was to capture characters with a very distinct identity growing. I was true to the author’s description – he adds -. I distanced myself from the influence of film adaptations. For Amy, who is about 6 years old, although in cinema they always put her in At the age of 20, I’ve been inspired by my niece. I always look to real people, to give my characters soul.”

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Contrary to what one might think, this collection of classics, he says, is sought after by adults. “Very excited parents come to the autographs, accompanied by their children. It takes them back to their childhood, to the time they were read. With the drawing they become collectors’ items. It’s fun, because before the illustrators were always in the shadows and now the reader buys the book for your work.” After the second part of Little women, he warns, will give an “absolute turn”. The hidden part will appear: “Darker”.

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