Feijóo asks for a discount refund for the first home purchase

The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Nunez Viejo, on Thursday proposed the creation of a fund “provided by the bank and the government” in order to “help middle and low incomes” to pay high interest rates on their mortgages, and the old tax credit for the acquisition of habitual residence.

These are the first two measures of the “package of proposals” that the People’s Party will develop “in the coming days” and submit to the government for “evaluation”. From Guadalajara, Figo was “convinced” that the executive if “accepted” would help middle and low incomes cope with successive increases in interest rates.

The first measure consists of deducting personal income tax (IRPF) for Spaniards who buy their first home “what is paid for on the loan, as in recent years until the arrival of the Socialist Party and President Sanchez.” It is “necessary,” said Figo, who was “convinced” that citizens would therefore “get back the money” that would allow them to face higher interest rates.

The second proposal from PP is to create a fund “with contributions from banks and the state” that will help “middle and low incomes” deal with rising mortgages. “This second tool will be useful for dealing with the rate hike that we are already experiencing and which we will continue to suffer badly in weeks,” he explained. coming.”

“These two common measures, in addition to being just and necessary, will serve to maintain the middle and low income which can come to the end of the month, and, consequently, to maintain a minimum balance and a minimum equity with the middle and low incomes of our country,” Feijóo concluded after asserting that “there is the money and legal capacity” to implement it, according to Servimedia’s report.

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