Fedea calls for an end to intrusive housing policies that tolerate squatting

proposed by the Foundation for Applied Economics Studies (Fedea) Amendments to housing legislation With anticipation of the next political session that will start after the July 23 elections. The organization criticized the current housing law for “restricting private contracting” in both areas, buying, selling and renting, and called for measures to be taken to facilitate “the functioning of the market.”

The report was published by the Foundation and prepared by expert Benito Arunada (Pompeu Fabra University). In this, Arruñada points out “Restrictions in the housing market have intensified” This “complicated the contracting of rents and provided greater tolerance for defaults and squats.” He also explained that as a result, Supply decreased and prices increased and the difficulties faced by a large part of the population in finding housing.

The Foundation has argued that The role of the state in this matter must change. For this, it was developed that the government “should focus on providing public goods and expanding an effective social security network”.

For this, Arruñada explained, “there must be urban planning that targets Ensure that the land is available for construction. In this matter, he proposed a reduction in taxes in favor of selling. The expert calls for “the rationalization of the tax structure that weighs heavily on housing, in order to Gradual reduction of taxes on construction She also added that this reduction in the tax on transfers of property and the tax on notarial acts “will be compatible with changes intended to neutralize their negative impact on the collection of taxes on possession or, if desired, to raise them either by IBI or Personal Income Tax.

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In addition, the organization urged Restore legal certainty The right to property, to equalize it with the rest of European countries, “in respect of administrative restrictions to encourage and build, and more urgently, in matters of appropriation and eviction.”

With regard to what they call an “effective social security net”, it has been proposed to restore the system of contractual freedom established in 1985 by the Boyer Decree. They believe this sets the relevant points for housing lease contracts. Specifically, they have indicated that It will eliminate term limits and other contractual terms which today ineffectively restricts the size of the market and drives out the most vulnerable potential tenants from it.”

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