Father’s Day 2023: Madrid’s best gastronomic recommendations

how dad There is only one, on March 19th, Father’s dayIt’s time to enjoy and share this day with them. So for “foodie” parents, movie buffs, athletes, classics, foodies, and moderns, here are a few. Restaurant recommendations to celebrate this day together.

This day coincides with the Catholic’s anniversary Saint Joseph’s Day, the adoptive father of Jesus. Most holidays that commemorate religious holidays or other special dates to Monday according to work calendar Most of the Spanish Autonomous Communities. However, in this case, the Only Father’s Day will be moved to Monday, March 20, in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. People who work or study in this region will get another day off in the calendar.

Gastronomic recommendations for Father’s Day

the only

For parents looking for new gastronomic concepts, the recommendation is the only (c / Claudio Coelho, 10), which opens in 2022 as the first ‘Mexican’ restaurant, a new concept by Chef Andrés Madrigal upon his return to the capital. Their menu includes dishes like Sepúlveda’s ribbed pork tacos, and lasagna ugly txangurro With fried crab, arroz a la tombada or tuna tartare with marrow, enjoy after the meal with a DJ and a cocktail from your menu.

Machine grill

For more classic tastes looking to enjoy the best of Spanish cooking and grilling, one option is to go to barbecue machine (c / Jorge Juan, 22). The new Grupo La Máquina restaurant offers, in addition to the classic grilled fish and meat, a wide range of dishes from the garden with dishes, also made on charcoal, such as avocado, artichoke or leek, among others.


symbolic Mazarin (c / Eduardo Dato, 13), located on the Costa de los Cardinales in Madrid, has reopened and reborn driven by its traditional essence after restoring its iconic decor, with the air of an English club, its famous carved staircase and classic furniture. A space whose cuisine relies on produce and refined classic recipes such as Russian salad and the famous Andalusian squid. Steak rice Or the famous Roman-style hake, which are traditional dishes that do not fail on such an important day.

Pestana CR7 Gran Via Hotel Madrid

If your dad is crazy about sports, there is nothing better than going to the gym Pestana CR7 Gran Via Hotel Madrid (Gran Vía, 29) To enjoy the day of football and gastronomic at the Sports Bar, where in addition to following the league you can savor tapas with a good cocktail, while celebrating or not celebrating the goals of the day.


For the traveling father, the experience of not leaving the capital takes him by surprise Bedouin (Serrano, 41), an oasis in Madrid with the first tent in the capital where you can sample cuisine with Arabic roots mixed with Mediterranean and Andalusian inspirations with dishes such as Baba ghanousha wide variety of chickpeasAnd FalafelAnd KibbehOr lamb pizza or pomegranate sauce or a Sheeshwith live music and performances, plus a delicious cocktail list inspired by the spice route.

Bonya Niki

Also with exotic flavors comes suggestion Bonya Niki (c/Almirante, 20), Nikkei perspective at Grupo Quispe, where you can sample the Sakura Maru 1899 menu, consisting of seven lanes, in which dishes that gave meaning to the birth of Nikkei cuisine are honored, such as ceviche, while other products such as squid and tuna are on display and salmon, along with Japanese techniques, are on the Nigiri Platter menu. Options to enjoy Peruvian-Japanese fusion accompanied by classic pisco.


For those traveling parents it might be another stop Latacea (Paseo de la Castellana, 115), the first place of the Hernández brothers, which takes you to different parts of the world with “days of travel” across the palate. On this occasion, it is Thailand for which dishes such as are designed We are perfect of scampi, brioche cheeks curry Green mustard, pickles, aromatic drunken chicken and slow cooked bacon Phuket.

Atocha 107

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in Atocha 107 (c / Atocha, 107), led by Chef Joaquín Felipe, has designed a special menu for this, paired with wines from Castelo de Medina, where diners can choose between Castelo de Medina Sauvignon Blanc Vendimia Seleccionada 2020 or Red Castelo Roble 2019 to accompany the various dishes of the proposal such as baby squid With yellow onions and rag de cañón de vaca al sherry with boletus, among others.

Don Dimas

Another suggestion that you will not fail with that day is the food house Don Dimas (c/ Castillo, 1) with Chef Alvaro Garces in charge and a wonderful team accompanying him both in the dining room and in the kitchen. Garcés offers a gastronomic offer that covers the entire Costa de la Luz and has Basque-Catalan influences. Thus, you should not miss seasonal dishes such as peas Llavaneras, from the Maresme, with cod ‘a la Sanlúqueña’ along with classics such as sweet squid ink in their ink, Steak rice Mature beef with marrow and smoked eel or wild pheasant and lamb with bayou “gratinau” cheese all well accompanied by their careful selection of wines with an Andalusian accent.

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