Fast and easy | The amazing trick to peel potatoes in just 3 seconds

Potatoes are one of the most consumed foods in our country. Is it The perfect complement to any dish This can be done in several ways. In addition, it is highly nutritious, but its preparation is a very laborious process and almost no one likes it. The worst thing about eating potatoes is peeling them.

Although today There are a lot of kitchen gadgets that make this process much easier And fast, still pretty lazy but that’s it trick That we offer you, this hard work will end forever. You only need water and a little ice and in a few seconds you will have perfectly peeled potatoes. What should you do? Goal.

Boil potatoes whole and unpeeled. Once they are completely softened, place them in a bowl of ice water and let them cool in the bowl for 5-10 seconds. After these minutes, the outside of the potato should be wrinkled and easy to remove, so that’s all you have to do Rotate the potato between the hands in opposite directions to remove the skinand ready.

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If the potatoes are too hot to touch with bare hands, they can be used Kitchen towels, oven mitts Or another piece of cloth to follow the manual peeling of the tubers.

You should know that this trick can only be used if you want to make potatoes cookedIt does not work if we want to peel them to make them fried or baked.

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