Fashion Style Hollywood Hits That Are No Less Stylish

Fashion Style Hollywood Hits That Are No Less Stylish

A series of Hollywood serials that were booming at the end of 2021 were indeed entertainment in itself, especially when enjoying vacation time at home. The storyline that makes you curious is always a motivation for binge watching. However, its appeal is not only limited to that. The fashion style of the players is also interesting to note, you know.

Mix and match various fashion items and women’s gold jewelry in the style of the characters in this hit Hollywood series, which can be an inspiration to look stylish in early 2022. Make your appearance no less stylish than the actress!

Faux Fur on The Go
If you want to try styling games with different outfits, faux fur or fashion items with a touch of fur can be the right choice. The right mix and match can create a style that is both glamorous and stylish in the style of Hollywood celebrities.

To create a maximum style impression, you can combine a tank top, a satin skirt, and a faux fur outer that creates a more trendy style impression. The appearance of gold jewelry such as a minimalist necklace can beautify this one outfit.

Back to Retro Look
Retro look is back! Make the fashion style in 2022 more colorful through a retro touch that makes the appearance look classy and timeless. A red medium dress with a polka dot motif can be an option to give a statement to this style.

Next, you can start playing with jewelry that supports the look concept. The latest gold ring or gold bracelet can be a complementary reference to the right style.

Little Black Dress Never Go Wrong
Got an invite to your first formal event in 2022? You must be confused about what outfit to wear. Just imitate the inspiration of the hit Hollywood serial character, namely using a little black dress that can be a savior in all occasions.

So that the appearance looks more optimal, don’t forget to beautify it with the latest gold jewelry model that is your favorite. Perfect it with heels and a clutch bag, you are ready to walk with confidence.

Playful Boots
This is one of the fashion items that is never absent from the trending Hollywood series. Playing outfits with your favorite boots can make your appearance level up.

The combination of dress and boots for hangouts or blazers, jeans, and boots for work outfits can be the right choice to create the impression of a different and super stylish style.

Jewelery Statement
In addition to fashion items, statement jewelery is also one element that is never missed in the style of the Hollywood serial characters. In 2022, gold jewelry with unique and attractive shapes is a trending thing and must be tried to complete your appearance.

For those who want to express themselves with women’s gold jewelry, the latest Frank Gold collection from Frank & co. must be included in the list. Welcoming 2022, Frank & co.

launched the latest line in the form of 18K plain gold jewelery with SNI standard which is designed exclusively in Italy with premium materials and uses the latest technology from Italy which makes the appearance more trendy and fashionable.

There are 2 #FrankGold jewelry collections that you can look at, namely the Grande Ring Collection in the form of a gold ring with a simple but trendy design that can maximize your everyday appearance. This woman’s gold ring has a large size which is sure to be a statement look.

The second collection is the Geometric Collection which has a ring with a 3 in 1 display to complete the appearance. Give it a little spin, then you can display a different ring style.

There is also a collection of women’s gold bracelets with geometric shapes consisting of 5 unique designs with 3 beautiful color choices (yellow gold, rose gold and white gold) in one set. All of them are suitable for stacked jewelery and accompany your everyday style!

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