Fashion Basics | Capsule wardrobe: Why have guys revived Donna Karan’s ‘what to wear’ solution?

To many women to find How to dress properly It’s confusing today. They’ve found quick ways to put food on the table, but still They do not know how to quickly put together a wardrobeIn 1985, New York style creator Donna Karan left the Anna Klein Company, where she quickly rose to prominence, and launched her own label, DKNY, with a colossal first collection, “Seven Easy Pieces”, through which she directly entered the history of fashion. With these seven essential, timeless, and versatile garments to be combined with each other (suit, skirt, jacket, dress, leather piece, white shirt and jacket), it was possible to create Complete wardrobe day and night7 days a week, season after season.

This is the popular origin of the term Capsule wardrobe’, which today has millions of internet searches, as well as countless posts on how to create it while respecting our personal style and many photos on Pinterest of the perfect neutral-hued wardrobe. However, in 2023 the classic concept has been renewed and is not only a solution to build the daily “look” for indoor and outdoor work, but also the most practical way Contribute to responsible consumption f continuous fashionsomething millennials and centennials are all too aware of.

New capsule wardrobe

Born in Bogota in 1995, designer Ángela Lezama lived in Barcelona for three years where she worked as a stylist for brands such as Bershka and niche fashion magazines such as Solstice or Picton. It testifies to the newfound interest of young people in the term, and that they continue to strive Timeless and versatile basicsAs well as clothes of high design and quality [de ahí su durabilidad y sostenibilidad, y su menor impacto en el planeta]but also confirms that the new capsule cabinet allows for an extension More convenient customizationThis is what best suits everyone’s taste. “For example, one of the canonical items of this wardrobe is the white button-down shirt, but if we prefer a ‘vintage’ style, we can replace it with a Victorian one,” explains the expert.

Mistakes must be avoided

But when it comes to starting to build our capsule wardrobe, there are other rules that shouldn’t be skipped. “It is a mistake to confuse it with a closet full of essentialsThose clothes that don’t have any design. I say this because I see some videos where they talk about a capsule wardrobe and in fact there are just the basics that don’t go well with other pieces of clothing,” says the designer, who also talks about other things to avoid: “Even if you like color, don’t buy too much.” In that tone, with two outfits quite a bit. We must also avoid buying without rhyme or reason according to directions, before asking ourselves: “What do I have, what do I need and how does it combine with the rest”.

30 to 40 items of clothing

Although Donna Karan chose 7 outfits, A wardrobe usually consists of 30 to 40 items of clothingthe usual figures given in manuals, such as those by Saray Martín, “Capsule Cabinet Method” (Montenta), since they are also included Shoes and accessories (Outside would be lingerie, activewear, party dresses, and other pieces of very specific and less common use.) With this box you get it Dozens of daily combinationsand a greater knowledge of our own aesthetic taste and lifestyle (it’s not practical to collect evening dresses and no good comfy pants to go to the office).

Fleeing away

When building our wardrobe, we must know this The direction does not match. This thing is not workingEspecially since the trends were several seasons ago, but now the industry is renewing them every year.

Colour, texture and silhouette: keys

When preparing a spring wardrobe, you must first of all pay attention to Color, which is what generates contrast to our “appearance”. “I recommend avoiding the typical black and white and choosing two neutral colours: earth, camel, terracotta … You can be a little bold and also choose an accent color, for this spring I will choose pastels, which blend well with the color of the season, Viva Magenta.

The next item is Texture (what gives dimension to an outfit). The main principle: “If you’re wearing jeans, don’t wear jeans over them,” says Lizama, though he says denim is one of the best fabrics for spring, along with linen and cotton, as a rule, then it can also play with corduroy, leather. Suede and cold wool.

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Finally, one must take into account silhouette, which lends balance to the “outfit”. “If you opt for skinny jeans, run with a ‘crop top. ‘ You have to look for slimming,” he asserts.

5 spring is a must

Taking the advice of stylist Angela Lizama and the experts consulted at Meravia’s fashion and beauty marketplace into account, we’ve created a list of the top five spring items every capsule wardrobe should include:

  • upper parts: A white shirt, a white button-up shirt, or a blue or striped shirt. The first is the basic par excellence that highlights every “costume”. Its simplicity and versatility make it adaptable to any style: from a very casual look with jeans, to something more formal with palazzo pants or a suit.

  • bottomsBlue jeans, black linen or leather pants. “Mom” jeans have taken center stage lately for “street style” fans. It is not surprising that they prefer any kind of silhouette and for all ages. In addition to being perfect for any occasion, be it casual, office or even a party.

  • outerwear: Trench coat, bomber, jean, leather jacket, black or white sweater, cardigan and knit dress. The first infinite possibilities and combinations make it one of the most popular. In fact, it would probably be the perfect first half item. Long live the trench coat!

  • shoes: Sports shoes (at least 2 cm insole), ballet flats or moccasins.

  • supplements: A bag (medium or small; large ones are distracting, light-colored), sunglasses, medium or small earrings and a watch (the touch that personalizes any ‘look’).

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