Families at risk of poverty | Spain is the third European country to have problems paying for housing

Spain is Third European country with the highest percentage of families I was delayed in paying rent or a mortgage, 6.5%, twice the European averagewhich is only 3.2% Behind Greece and IrelandAccording to the study ‘Here no one lives: an analysis of the difficulties of families in paying for housing in Spain’ From Save the Children.

The report, published this Tuesday, specifies that In Spain 8.4% of families have children They have problems making their mortgage or rent payments on time, as well as twice the EU average of 4.3%.

in this meaning, The document refers to the current context High housing prices, especially rents did not accompany them From increasing family income, which cause difficulties affecting 4 in 10 families with children Dependent living rent.

30% of the income goes to housing

These, he warns, They have to set aside at least 30% From their income to pay for the house, which It supposed to be Less budget for other parenting needs, as in Manuela, a 45-year-old separated mom who lives inn Seville with two children. “Now I owe three electric bills and one water bill in addition to this month’s rent Because it does not reach me. I have to choose between paying for it or eating.”

Also, the study delves into The conditions of the houses And warns of more than 2 out of 10 children live in unsanitary homesaffecting their physical and mental health, and affects their growth Development, school performance and safety, as detailed by the organization’s director, Andres Conde. This unhealthy situation indicates issues such as surface leakagemoisture in the walls, floor, or foundation, or Rot in the tires from windows or the floor.

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in this context, The report notes that despite the procedures Positive such as those included in the so-called “social shield”, The current market situation From home he can come back Many families for cases Risky. In fact, it is estimated that between 70 and 80% of the evictions were carried out in Spain since 2008 They affect families with children (about 700,000).

lack of social housing

Hence, the warning loss social housing and aid, because, as he points out, In Spain there is one of the social housing parks Arrived “Europe’s Youngest” barely 2.5% of the total, A quarter of the European average, or 9.3%.

This situation Because of the low budget to public housing provision and because public provision policy has traditionally been geared towards financing owned homes and favoring their subsequent exclusion, which means that these ineligible homes would not be To be protected and to become part of the free marketexplains the report.

In this regard, the director of social and political advocacy at Save the Children, Catalina Perazzo, confirms that “another million and a half protected housing to meet social needs “in Spain, calling for the treatment of its construction, including private initiative.

1.6 million families with children live in poverty

scope of assistance It is also a problem, according to the study, affected by the fact that it is low, with 1.6 million families with children in the country state of povertyof whom nearly 310,000 experienced housing payment delays, despite, In 2020, only 25,000 households With dependent minors who received a housing allowance.

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Profile: Single mother with dependent children

On the other hand, the report highlights that A family experiencing difficulties Home maintenance is a single mother home with dependent children.

Thus, it indicates that there are 158,000 single-parent families, predominantly self-supporting By women for rent who often bear an unbearable burden. On average, these families allocate 200 euros more per month than they could allocate if they were established Threshold of 30% of income as a maximum From the maximum payment for housing – without counting the necessities -.

Given this, Save The Children advocates for that complementary assistance from up to 200 euros It can reduce the burden It is meant to be housing for all of these mothers. Assuming full coverage, the help of these properties requires a The annual budget is 380 million Approximately euros, estimates the study, which also spoke of the difficulty of large families.

Some recommendations to mitigate the effects of housing payments

includes the organization The report is a series of recommendations To mitigate the impacts of housing payments on household economies, among which is the increase in annual budgets that stand out to increase funding for housing policies that protect access to housing by families with children in a state of weakness.

It also proposes automating access to direct housing assistance for recipient families from the minimum vital income (IMV), minimum income or similar, as well as commitment to purchase or retrofit existing units for expansion Public offer of social housing.

Public and private sector alliance

It also recommends a guarantee The qualification is indefinite for public housing and prevent them from entering the private market, and Enhancing partnership between the public and private sectors Which benefits low-income families, and includes senior homeowners in problem approach And the establishment of land reserves, so that the proportion of units that Built in private development used for social housing.

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NGOs as well Rewards are needed Taxes to improve the energy rating of buildings and reduce VAT for retrofitting private homes.

Finally, it calls for better coordination between court system And social services too How to make a vulnerability report mandatory When there are minors who are at risk of eviction, so that is taken into account before making a decision.

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