False myths about dogs that many owners believe

the Dogs are pets par excellence of humans. 1 in 7 people in the world has a dog. about our dogs there Too many half-truths or directly myths or legends about all of them. in some cases, False beliefs have been disproved by science. always submit to Anticipate certain behaviors about our dogs food, vision, or your mouth and jaw. they have Post a lot of information And stories about him The dogs are approaching little or rather none of the reality.

When he wags his tail he is happy

he tail wagging It can also to be related to nervousnessanxiety and frustration or even aggressive. We must lend Pay attention to your whole bodyHis posture, his ears, his ears Expression to read Your mood is correct.

Monochromatic vision

the Monochromatic vision Always dogs It was one of the beliefs of all its owners. recent studies have Show that it was appreciated wrong and that dog They are actually able to distinguish certain colours. They are able to perceive Ranging from yellow to blue But they do not see in black and white or in many colors.

healing herb

last of Great legends are those dogs They eat grass when they are sick. They only eat grass, because They like it and provide them with nutrients, Because it is healthy

dry nose

Another speculation is that if Having a dry nose is a sign of his illness. Nasal moisture in a dog is not a reliable indicator of his or her health. You should take him to a vet and ask him to help you investigate his symptoms. If you provide behaviours different from normal The presence of a mask wet or dry, They are anomalies that may indicate other factors.

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It is always said so The dog must be a mother before it can be neutered, but this is completely wrong. Owns Puppy droppings will not guarantee your dog’s health. The sooner you sterilize her, the less trouble she will have. If we talk about males, this is said To take their manhood off is too bad. dogs that can’t They have sexual relations And they walk Places where bitches smell in heat can suffer much more What if they are sterilized?

Self healing

Our pets know that The wound must be cleanbut if there is licking exceeds They know it could ber harmful to your health. Humans have it immune system Who protects them, but in the event of their illness will have to be treated.

Dog saliva heals wounds

lick it It just won’t heal your woundbut maybe It even infects him and makes it difficult for him to recover. What you can do at first is to clean it and remove the dirt.

No purebred dog is healthy.

always be Forecasting damage What could be a dog authentic. Not all dogs of the breed and pedigree have to do this be illNor are all who come of natural crosses. If it is known what specific diseases Genetic reasons.

clean mouth

mouth Dogs are much dirtier From your homes, from your homes More bacteria than any other type. In fact, you should Be careful if you allow your dog He licks you because you think He has a clean mouth.

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Garlic versus fleas

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garlic It could be harmful for dogs It is not as good as it is said to prevent parasites. We should take it up and talk with a professional about this “home remedy” It has not been proven Be good and helpful to our pet.

PPP dogs are naturally aggressive

the Dogs are potentially dangerous They are often prejudged. he Classified according to specific physical properties and morphological, like strong appearance, his muscles and jaw strengthAnd not because of his personality. Their behavior will depend on the education you give them, just like any other dog.

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