FA Cup: Manchester City beats Chelsea and goes to the fourth round of the FA Cup

Andhe Manchester city He steadily advanced against Chelsea in their FA Cup third round duel without being given an A option Chelsea He had no choice in Al Ittihad (4-0).

Both teams entered the field with more than eleven goals scored. In town, Palmer and Ortega put under sticks the new faces to give L.A. a break leadingWhile Julien Alvarez occupied the 9th position Halland To have a record of the title, which is normal for the Norwegian striker. in it Chelsea, Humphreys, Gallagher, Hall…a memorable match.

Foden celebrates his goal against Chelsea

Foden celebrates his goal against ChelseaDave ThompsonPalestinian Authority

Manchester City showed that the draft Potter in Chelsea looks bad. Beyond the obvious difference between football players, because of the ambition and behavior when facing the match. The best example of this is Coulibaly, the star signed to support the defence blue and that he committed a 4-0 penalty, when a 2-0 was also an absurd penalty, on that occasion Havertzone of the fading stars at Stamford Bridge.

Mahrez He was the great hero when he opened the scoring in the 23rd minute with a direct free kick, while Julien Alvarez, in the 30th minute, increased the aforementioned penalty from Havertz. Before the break, Foden had put the deficit at 3-0 insurmountable, more than due to the goals shown on the pitch.

Mahrez throws at the goal

Mahrez throws the Chelsea goalkeeperDave ThompsonPalestinian Authority

at 85 minutes, Mahrez He added his brace by scoring from the penalty spot and putting the victory on the scoreboard. from that sting

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Now, watch out: if Arsenal beat tomorrow Oxford… We’ll have City-Arsenal in the fourth round.

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