FA Cup: ‘Awful’ Hillsborough nightmare after 34 years: ‘They broke me down and I couldn’t breathe’

aMembers Newcastle They deplored the dangerous experience they lived in Hillsborough StadiumThe same A field where 97 Liverpool supporters died in 1989during a match that his team ended up losing 2-1 against Sheffield Wednesday On the FA cup.

About 4,500 ‘Geordie’ supporters flocked to Leppings Lanebut caused problems in the organization Dangerous situations due to crowding and crushing At the stadium for fans of “magpies”.

Martin Hardycorrespondent for ‘times’ s ‘Sunday times’an image showing Newcastle fans crowding menacingly behind one of the boxes.

Hareid tweeted: “Hillsborough 2023. Newcastle fans trying to tunnel through Lebbings. Unbelievable.”

“They were crushing me, it was horrible. I couldn’t breathe.”

Newcastle fans responded to Hardy’s tweet, explaining their terrifying experience at Leppings Lane, which hasn’t seen a major renovation since 1989.

“Awful. We were under pressure, so we had to rip off the blue seat covers to create our own private area for about 100 people. Bouncers upstairs with empty seats turning away fans with valid tickets. Disaster.”

“They were crushing me at halftime, it was horrible. I couldn’t breathe.”

“I like that you commented on this, I was in the middle of the lower level and it was full 10 minutes before kickoff and the tray was full.”

“This was an absolute mess, Martin – there were no drivers at the lathes.”

“Terrible, this is 2023. The stairs are so narrow and the controllers are directing the fans into the wrong area creating more jams. This shouldn’t be happening.”

What happened in the Hillsborough tragedy of 1989 in which 97 Liverpool fans died?

During the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on 15 April 1989, A.J Avalanche at Leppings Lane stands at Sheffield Wednesday Hillsborough Stadium, killing 96 men, women and children.

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In June 2021, it was recognized Andrew Devine is victim number 97 in the Hillsborough drama.

Such was the Hillsborough tragedy that claimed the lives of 96 people in 1989

Subsequent investigation ruled so The reasons for the avalanche were the over capacity and poor condition of the stadium which did not comply with the security measures..

The jury at Warrington Court stated that it was “manslaughter”.

On September 12, 2012, an independent commission of inquiry concluded British police were directly responsible for the Hillsborough tragedy He was in charge of stadium security that day.

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