Explore central India on your next travel trip

the Travel Magazine invites you to take part in this unique trip, organized by Viajes Azul Marino, to discover the secrets of this wonderful culture, history and nature.

Route, from November 2 to 14, 2023, to delve deeper into sacred cities, ancient customs, and exotic animals.

The members of the expedition will be accompanied by writer and screenwriter Javier Moro, one of the most successful Spanish writers, winner of the Planeta Prize in 2011 for his You are the empire and Primavera de Novela in 2018 by my fault. Moreau has written four books on India, incl Indian passion, translated into more than 20 languages. The author’s fascination with India goes back a long way, and since he first visited in the 1970s, he has returned many times.

A city of contrasts

Adventure begins in Delhicapital of India. In the Old DelhiWe will immerse ourselves in the special smells, colors and sounds that characterize the country. It is a neighborhood dating back to the 17th century, where we will see the Great Mosque, the Jama Masjid, the last monument built by Emperor Shah Jahan (the same one who ordered the construction of a mausoleum for his wife Mumtaz in Agra). The world knows today as the Taj Mahal), the majestic Mongolian Red Fort, the symbol of India.

Afterwards, it’s time to get lost in the city’s winding streets where you can find ample amount of silver and jewelry at Dariba Market, and trouser suits and theatrical costumes at Kunari Bazaar, authentic artifacts that evoke the past.

In addition, we will not leave the city without first paying tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at the Raj Chat, where his ashes rest, and a stroll through the Lutyens district, named after the English architect and urban planner who designed the city as the capital of the British Empire, is already in part New Delhi.

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Journey to the past

It will be the next stop for our expedition members Andorwhere we will go back to the time of English colonialism, staying in a Historic palacereplete with Art Deco furniture and morning concerts starring the stunning peacocks.

Already in one of the most romantic and picturesque places in India, Mando It is not only a destination known for housing the largest ruin complex in the country, but also for its splendid location in the Narmada Valley, where the sacred waters of Hinduism make its way, as well as the natural environment in which palaces and mosques rise that are a sample of delicate and great architecture. And all without forgetting the infarction, the art of perfumery that reached its zenith here.

Leaving stunning Indore behind, we will enjoy India’s most traditional charms: a tour of rural villages where adobe houses, ox-carts and the same peasant life still reign. This is how you get it Maheshwardominated by walls that overlook Ghats, the courtyards of the Hindu sanctuary whose steps lead to the sacred river. A very charming city frequented by pilgrims and tourists.


The next station is Sabtura and its National Park, a forest within a mountainous terrain criss-crossed by deep gorges, sandstone peaks, gorges, streams, and waterfalls. A place inhabited by large herds of mammals, and an excellent point on the map for bird watching.

It is an area rich in biodiversity, where medicinal plants and exotic species such as teak, ebony, Indian gooseberry, or Bengal quince and bamboo are collected. It is also home to wildlife such as leopards, antelopes, bears, flying squirrels, monkeys, wild boars, and of course, tigers.

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Culture is everywhere

After leaving the fauna and flora of India, we return to the world of men, namely to a city Bhopal, the capital of India’s most central state. Famous for being the city of poets and Mesheras (Reciting) that resounds in its squares.

We will know the contrast between the lives of the Indian poor in the shanty town of Oria region, and the luxurious ways of life full of pleasures and luxuries of one of the old Bhagina families, who ruled the Sultanate for more than a year. a century.

Our next destination is Orsha, a city with a lot of charm and a little bit of tourism. Dominated by small palaces, temples and synagogues, Orchha invites you to dream and let the beauty of its corners drift away.

Famous for the erotic sculptures that adorn its facades and the reliefs that reproduce unbelievable scenes from the Kama Sutra, we find our next destination, Khajurao, a group of 85 temples that have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A place full of gardens where you can listen to birds singing.

Also, we will stop at Allahabadwhere Nehu, the founding father of modern India, was born, and where the independence movement originated.

Cradle of Hinduism

trip climax the bananaThe holy city and the core of Hinduism. We will sail down the Ganges River by boat, where a large number of Hindu believers perform their prayers and bathe in the waters that remind us that death is part of life.

At this time of the year, the city celebrates the grand festival of lights, Diwali, which adds a final touch of color to the trip. Residents light candles and make offerings to Goddess Laxmi and God Ganesh.

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We can’t board the plane without picking up a nice souvenir of the city after passing through one of the snooty shops reminiscent of the Ali Baba Caves, and ending with a visit to the Buddhist holy city. SarnathIt is where Buddha delivered his first sermon after attaining enlightenment.

journey of your life

And so the center of India becomes a new destination for the legendary Viagar Journeys organized by Viagar magazine for years to live an adventure not to be repeated in the company of expert historians, archaeologists, travel writers… who share their knowledge and experience of the destination and their enthusiasm to explore the world.

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Japan, Peru, Bolivia, South India or South Africa are among the next destinations to visit on further expeditions that will take place in 2023. The adventures, all of them, allow maximum interaction with the local culture, their gastronomy, their history and their traditions.

To participate, you can find all information about flights, accommodation, price, itinerary and the full program of the trip on the web: You can too through contact e-mail: [email protected] And in phone 900909698.

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