Everything you’re doing wrong when paying with your credit card (and how to avoid it)

Theft, loss or fraud is becoming more frequent in a world where everything is already digital

Payment by card, mobile phone or smartwatch is the most common procedure that is repeated in stores and establishments in our country. Although the file cash paymentsAccording to the survey on cash usage and access in Spain prepared by GAD3 for the Denaria platform, the growth compared to 2021, Card Payments They are still the preferred method of the Spaniards.

usually, Card payment, which is increasingly leading to problems arising from its use. Theft, loss or fraud is becoming more frequent in a world where everything is already digital.

For this reason, the Bank of Spain put together a list of recommendations that Avoid risks or bad practices It could end in fraud.

  • Never write the PIN next to the card, or carry it on a piece of paper in your bag or purse. It should be kept in memory, and it avoids synchronization of easily obtained data (date of birth, DNI, etc.) with the PIN.

  • Show some identification documents when using the card.

  • Take confidentiality measures when operating, whether in institutions or at ATMs. Don’t let anyone see you tagging the pin.

  • If you don’t use it regularly, make sure you still have it with you.

  • Examine bank statements for suspicious transactions.

  • To have on hand, in a separate place on the card, the phone number provided by the entity to call in these cases.

  • Do not leave your card number visible or give it to someone else.

  • Protect or destroy documents that contain your name and card number, such as receipts.

  • Do not use a credit card as personal identification.

  • If you are using the card to purchase online, use at least three security measures: password, signature, card coordinates, SMS, password, token, fingerprint…

  • Do not provide your card’s basic data to pay electronically (by phone, online, etc.), unless they are people or websites you trust.

  • In the event that the card is replaced (due to expiration, theft, etc.), it is better to go and pick it up in person at a bank branch than to wait for it to arrive at your home by mail.

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In the event that you do not want to pay by card, remember that the law stipulates a maximum amount of cash that you can carry on the street without being stopped.

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