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Mr. Beast is the eldest Youtube from history. His account, which is the largest on YouTube for an individual creator, has 127 million followers and many videos with 100 million views. On Wednesday he was with Lex Friedman, A.J Podcaster Who conducts interviews for 2-3 hours. I picked out some of the most interesting things he said.

Mr. Beast is only 24 years old, and his videos are titled with things like “Survive 100 Days in a Circle and Win $500,000” or “I Built a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.” I’ve talked about it other times. It’s a great.

Mr. Best's recent videos are dubbed in Spanish.
Mr. Best’s recent videos are dubbed in Spanish.

In his views, there is a deep mixture of incredible knowledge of YouTube and the Internet with some youthful naivety, which he sometimes admits. It is by no means typical influencers That he succeeded by accident, even though his videos look like rubbish. He’s a successful businessman and money maker: he’s made chocolate bars and hamburgers and plans to get into video games.

1. Anarchism can be tamed. Mr. Beast is the creator who’s been obsessed with YouTube for the longest time. Observing it, he drew a principle that might be useful to other industries: “It’s much easier to get 10 million views in a video than 100,000 in 100 videos.” This means that it pays more to put a lot of effort into one video than a little effort into a hundred. Although the Internet is a place where trying your luck with videos is free, there is still a bit of law about spreading, which Mr. Beast knows: “It’s a skill that can be taught and learned.”

According to him, his brain is trained to detect spread: from an idea, version, graphics, thumbnail or title. This way of life has literally wrecked her brain and she finds it hard to enjoy non-viral content, like a movie: “If I watch a video, without thinking my head will scream at me and tell me what I have to change. It’s almost like my brain is like a neural network. If I consume enough From viral videos and good enough content, you start training your brain to like it, and you see patterns. So every time I watch a video or a movie or whatever, I can’t stop thinking about the best.”

2. If you want to be Youtubefails. This is one of the clips from the interview that I saw circulating on Twitter. What Mr. Beast knows how to do is only learned by doing it often. It is an almost indisputable fact in traditional professions. The same thing happens on the Internet, which is why young people will always have an advantage.

“You have to fail. A lot of people get hyper paralyzed and just sit around planning their first video in months. But anyone, especially if you don’t have videos on your channel, with your first video you won’t get views. This is for everyone who wants to be The YouTube And they didn’t upload videos. You must go up to 100 and improve in every way.”

The difficult question is how to improve something every time. Mr. Beast has thousands of options. In the second, put more effort into the text. In the third, learn the editing trick. In the fourth, improve your inflections. In the fifth, study another stylized. In the sixth, look for another title. There are countless ways, and that is the beauty of creating content on Internet.

3. There are no spread companies, but there will be. Just seven years ago, Mr. Beast was a kid with 8,000 subscribers who dreamed of having a million subscribers. This is literally so. In 2015, he recorded a video in which he said he would be a “float” if he didn’t have a million in 2020. In 2020 he had 50 million.

Mr. Beast's video was recorded in 2015 and posted to YouTube in 2020.
Mr. Beast’s video was recorded in 2015 and posted to YouTube in 2020.

Now this kid has a company with 100 workers. He explains that hiring is not easy for him because there are no profiles to work for a company that produces the best viral videos.

“It’s unlike anything that’s been done before. If Netflix wanted to hire someone to make a documentary, there would probably be thousands of people. But if you wanted to hire someone to make super viral YouTube videos, there is no one. “Sometimes I hire people from TV competitions. But they have these preconceived notions about speed and how a video should be, and they think they’re better than you. So it’s almost easier to hire people who are hard working, obsessed with themselves, and easy to train and train to be good at creating and producing content.”

4. The difficulty of kindness. The advantage of Mr. Beast is that in his videos he never laughs at anyone, criticizes or insults. He often donates money. It gives an interesting thought about how difficult it is to create positive viral content. This week we’ve seen that one great resource for going viral is a famous singer criticizing her famous ex. There is something in our humanity that makes us enjoy the humankind, the torture, and the suffering of others.

“It’s much easier for negative content to go viral than positive content. A lot of people are a bit lazy. They take the easy route that gets the same number of clicks with less effort. It’s harder to get 10 million views on a video that helps people than it is to get a celebrity.” .

Not only that, having an extreme opinion works better: “The more extreme your opinion, the more clicks.” For example, “This bottle of water sucks sucks.” For example, “That bottle of water sucks is the worst you’ve ever tasted.” Much better. So you have to prepare yourself so that whoever clicks will be satisfied.”

It’s nothing very new, but it’s hard to be aware of this trick when we look at the titles of videos or posts.

5. Death, no. At only 24 years old, it’s not uncommon for Mr. Beast not to be a death thug. But he has already scheduled videos that will be posted if he dies one day. He envisions his digital future in a bizarre way: “If I knew I was going to die of cancer and I had 3 months to live, I would record non-stop videos and schedule them out once a week. I would act like I was alive. It would be like he didn’t die.” Never “.

But then he makes this confession that should be viral among Internet millionaires: “I’m scared to death. What if you die and you never see another thing forever. It’s scary. I don’t think about it. I wish there was someone as smart as Elon.” [Musk] Or people like that say: you know what, damn it, we managed to slow down aging, we can live 200-300 years. It will be great. It is absurd to think that in all our lives they will not find a way to live to 120-130 years, that they will not find another way to stretch to 200 in that extra time.

6. Psychopath’s love. The description of the time he shares with his girlfriend is adorable. It’s about optimizing the time they spend together: “She has a real love for learning, just like me. I need to learn something to justify my time. I feel like time together is used optimally because if we watch a documentary, take IQ tests, or read. Anything weird We decide to do, I’m always learning and improving, so this justifies our time.” If you don’t take IQ tests with your partner, I don’t know what you do.

You have to understand Mr. Beast’s tone. A self-described YouTuber and viral psychopath, he struggled to fit in as a teenager and managed to find a dedication that tapped into his potential. He himself thought it was more natural. But no: “One thing I thought when I was climbing the ladder of fame and fortune on YouTube, is that there will be a lot of people like me, kamikaze people, who build a business and spend all their money, all their time, all their energies, everything that I thought there would be.” Hundreds like me. But maybe there’s one or two. For every level I’ve climbed to with a million subscribers, I’d like to look: Where are all these guys with millions of subscribers who are fucking psychos?

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