Everything is fine, even the management

Mr. Melas, for the digital progress of the administration, here we are the Managing Directors. Before the pandemic, management was starting to show signs of exhaustion. Fewer officials in the peripheral administration than are required to attend all the required procedures (what a paradox, when we have more public offices, and fewer staff where they are “needed”). Old, outdated and insufficient computing resources. Lengthy, often excessive, unclear and even contradictory legislation.

According to the rhetoric we received before the pandemic, digitization was underway, though not at the necessary speed. At least, the management was aware of the need to digitize its operations and that the road ahead was long and arduous.

On March 13, 2020, as administrators went home with their computer towers and monitors (it’s real, it happened), the downfall of the house of cards began. At first the veil of “digitization” fell, showing that little or no progress had been made in this area. The absence of a face-to-face presence in most organizations has paralyzed them.

Little by little, society returned to normal, but the same did not happen with the administration. In fact, today’s Head-to-Head Showdowns are dead in many departments. The allowed small confrontation between citizens, businesses and the self-employed is “distributed” by prior appointment. and works? In an important part of management, no. Can pre-appointment be identified as the root of the administration’s “destruction”?

To pre-assign work, there must be a balance between the daily actions required and the number of officials assigned to solve them. If 1,000 daily procedures are performed in the RCC (Central Civil Registry), for example, and each procedure involves an investment of 10 minutes per administrator, then 20 full-time officials are needed. If there are 10, it will not be possible to serve all citizens.

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When the Authority, due to lack of resources, sets fewer dates than required, and it is also checked that there are dates, once granted, the applicant does not appear, We started having serious problems with the previous dateTo the extent that there are departments or organizations that have not had advance appointments available for some months.

Little by little, a large number of administrative units are facing serious problems with previous appointments. When that fails, the citizen is supposed to be able to carry out the process electronically. This option is not always accessible. In addition, the digital divide, lack of resources and lack of knowledge of regulations make it difficult for a large part of the population to carry out the electronic process.

now, There are a large number of administrative procedures that face access difficulties For citizens, some of them are no less important than the request for a widow’s pension. Or request a birth certificate from a Spaniard living abroad in order to apply for a benefit.

Managing Directors have spent years collaborating with management to streamline procedures. Years ago, for example, we received a management order from the General Traffic Department to register and transfer motorized vehicles. And we have created a digital channel to carry out these operations. Today, a citizen does not have to go to the traffic office if he does not want to register or transfer his car.

It was the only non-collection department (tax agency) that operated without problems during confinement DGTas a result of our cooperation. The experience of the past ten years and, above all, what happened in the last three years, leads us to suggest to the management the creation of a special relationship with social cooperators, among whom we are.

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Regulating the relationship between management and social cooperators can facilitate the management of procedures. The social worker can come to the citizen, prepare the file, correct possible errors and refer it to the administrative authority through the official college. The college can certify the authenticity of the documents. And through its own channel, the documents will reach the administration so that only the administrator has to resolve the application.

Improving management efficiency is possible. This does not necessarily happen through an entirely digital administration. Obviously we must pay attention to this, but digitization will be a costly process, both in terms of time and resources. Meanwhile, social cooperation can solve a serious problem affecting all citizens. Managing directors throw a challenge to management; We are ready to move in this direction. It is the role of management.

Fernando Jesus Santiago Olero is the President of the General Council of Management Associations

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