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A few days ago, it was nobody Most dreadful conflicts in Fuengirola When a VTC motorist was stabbed to death in the province of Malaga. The 34-year-old killer was considered a person by his neighbors troubled. This man was considered so much that a woman asked a with each other From a neighbor in the same building as him who had supposedly been obsessed with him for years.

What happened?

The woman was very afraid of the presence of the aforementioned killer He was afraid of bumping into it or just seeing it, To the point of causing anxiety and seeking psychological help. In the second order, dated at the beginning of June, it extended the removal distance to 300 meters and forced the defendant to change his place of residence. However, since the bureaucracy is sluggish, the arrested L.N VTC driver dies He did not receive it despite the insistence of the girl’s environment, as they understood that the presence of the accused in the same building with his victim posed a real danger to the neighbor who was harassing him.

While the accident occurred it appears that the man he was drunk and was nervous, As if that were not enough, he suffers from a mental illness and has not been taking any medication. What the hero did is he took two big knives out into the street while he was waiting for the wanted car to arrive.

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The first driver received the order and approached the indicated address, a residential building on the costa del sol, Burgos Street. When he arrived, he realized how restless and nervous he was. He didn’t know it at the time, but his decision not to put a client in his car cost his partner his life.

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Ismail was not so lucky His attacker was waiting for him in the car which he continued and without any conversation between them, he took out the knives which he had hidden in his clothes and started stabbing the driver. He was Up to thirty stabs What the victim received from the aggression that ended his life.

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