event | A humpback whale swallows two tourists while hiking in California, then spits them out

he Whale watching It is an unforgettable experience that can be enjoyed on different beaches around the world, but it is also a great attraction for tourists. However, it is important to heed the recommendations of experts to avoid possible accidents, because whales are peaceful and calm animals, but they are also wild. Last year, a video of a beach was shown San Luis Obispo, United States, Where two tourists who were kayaking were swallowed by a whale.

The video, which was broadcast on Twitter, shows how these young women were enjoying the sea and the sun when they were swallowed by whales. Luckily, The whale spat them out and the tourists were unharmed Before the astonished looks of all those who were watching the picture at that moment

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The two victims, Julie and Liz, commented on the chilling moment in various local media. One explained: “We didn’t think we were that close, but we were definitely in an area where We shouldn’t be So we learned the lesson in a shocking way. And the other girl added: They told us: I was in the mouth of the whale! But at that time we had no idea, we only realized it when we watched the video later.”

Although these events take place in the year 2022, the video has recently gone viral again, having already garnered over a million views. Some users refer to the event jokingly, comparing the event to something that could be perfect Happened in a Disney movie: “It was the live action of Pinocchio” or “The humpback whale just wanted a little food tourism, but its meat was way too salty. Better luck next time, girls.” There are also those who wanted to stress the importance of respecting the ecosystem of these animals and keeping a wise distance.

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