Eva Green: A dark star shines in Sitges

The reality is exaggerated. He is also known by most of the Sitges helpers Eve Greenwhich after its first appearance “Dreamers” by Bertolucci, an impressive set of triplets set in Paris on the cusp of the 1968 riots, dropped above all in projects without association with the laws of everyday life. New example: ‘Nocebo’ (Official Fantàstic Contest)Supernatural movie Lorcan Finneganthe director who inadvertently predicted the reality of confinement with the hallucinogenic “Vivarium”.

As Finnegan announced Friday in Sitges as “the first-ever co-production between Ireland and the Philippines,” Green brings to life Kristen, a successful children’s clothing designer sees her life drastically changing within a few months, as a result of a mysterious encounter with a dog that ticks her off.. She suffers from memory problems, insomnia or tremors, but according to her husband, Felix (Mark Strong) It’s all in your head. Only Filipino assistant Diana (Chai Funasser), when she arrives at the door of the house without Kristen remembering calling her, it seems she has the solution to her problems. But something in the air says the nightmare has just begun.

As a good lover of the stranger, Green was rocked by “Vivarium.” “That’s why I read this script with interest,” he explains in a one-on-one interview. “And I thought it was an interesting psychological thriller and it also had an important social message.” As Finnegan tells us a few minutes before we chat with her, “This role was perfect for Eva: He likes complex characters, which may not be very likable, and he is a very politically aware personso he was interested in exploring the themes of the film.”

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Against fast fashion

The remarkable “Nocebo” is, among other things, an exploration of the effects of gaslighting, that form of psychological abuse that makes the abuser his victim doubt his judgment. Who says the abuser can say to the doctor, as some studies show and the movie recalls: “Lorcan made me see many things about Lyme disease specifically [infección bacteriana que se produce a través de la picadura de una garrapata infectada]. Many women are not taken seriously. And until the root of the problem is found, they really suffer.”

But if there’s anything that totally condemns the movie, it’s our rampant consumerist style and exploitative model of affordable and ephemeral fashion. “Fast fashion is destroying our environment,” Green recalls at the beginning of a long sermon. “It’s very destructive for human rights. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the third biggest cause of climate change. And people aren’t aware of how toxic that is to the environment and ourselves. All of these clothes too, not usually recycled, but most of them end up in giant landfills.” . People say: Why buy a thirty dollar shirt instead of five? If you’re going to wear that cheap shirt thirty times, that’s fine, but don’t buy it to wear it once and throw it away.“.

Bond girl looks tragic

The daughter of actress Marilyn Joubert and dental surgeon (or, be careful, Bryson actor) Walter Greene tried her luck, uncompromisingly, in the theater before dazzling and delighting “Dreamers.” He kept pointing at a star like the oracle of Jerusalem Kingdom of Heaven or vesper lind Casino Royale, a Bond girl, as Diana Rigg’s Tracey Draco in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” didn’t make it to the end of the credits alive. “I once saw ‘Casino Royale’ as a great love story, or even a great love tragedy, where James Bond happens to be one of the main characters. It’s also very well written. Incredible, almost like a 1940s movie with Katharine Hepburn”.

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Exactly Bond’s epic screenwriter, John Logan (“Skyfall”, “Specter”) gave her another of her most memorable roles, the role of mediator Vanessa Ives in the “Penny Dreadful” series: “Without a doubt, she is one of the best characters that has influenced me. In a way, I felt that Logan wrote it for me, well, I hope it’s not like that, or I’m going to die soon [risas]”.

We’ll soon see her in another series, The Anglo-French Connection on Apple TV +, directed by Stephen Hopkins, author (with all letters) of “Predator 2”, “Demons of the Night” or commander of “24”. “It’s a little sad, but cinema seems to be dying and television is mainstream. I’m lucky to be able to keep working. I also do very different things: You’ll soon see me as my birthday from The Three Musketeers and now I’m going to play an American soldier. I’d love to be Able to explore many worlds.”

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