Eurovision 2023 | The change in Blanca Paloma’s Eurovision 2023 performance that fans didn’t like at all

  • The technical reasons why the BBC scrapped the overhead shot of the singer’s performance

White Pigeon And his “Eaea” occupies Third place to win in it Eurovision Song Contest 2023 With over 7% chance, according to Sportium users. The Elche singer has not ceased to conquer herself and others since she first stepped onto the stage in Liverpool.

The representative of Spain in the European competition will interpret the word “Ea Ea” in language the The first half of the concert next Saturday, May 13 (between positions 1 and 13) as randomly selected at the press conference afterward Second solo rehearsal at the Liverpool Arena.

thus, Spain repeated for the third consecutive year in the first half. Chanel and Place Canto were the last representatives of our country to perform within this first group of numbers (positions 10 and 13, respectively) at the festivals held in Turin (Italy) and Rotterdam (Netherlands).

the 30 seconds posted by the Spanish delegation at the second rehearsal was very much liked by the Eurofans, although they also showed Some implementation problems That would force to make certain changes in the singer’s performance.

Changes in the performance of Blanca Paloma

Those 30 seconds on RTVE left the audience raving strong performance by WhiteDove, which aims to be one of the best Spanish engagements in history. However, as we said, it also served to detect the first implementation problems.

the The scenography was a great asset to Blanca Paloma’s suggestion from Benidorm Fest, where his strong performance helped him win over the crowd ahead of Agoney. Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll have toAnd there will be changes in the Eurovision finalAs noted in the two tests done so far.

As stated, Spain’s proposal cannot be implemented as originally proposed: DrThe zenithal plane (from above) will appear, which reproduced the moon And that conquered a large part of the audience, to give way to them one steeperThe decision will come Motivated by technical issuesAlthough this did not prevent the singer’s followers from expressing their complaints on social media.

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José Pablo Polo, Producer of EaEa, explained the reasons for this change on Conexión Liverpool: The stage set up by the BBC did not allow the ledge to be suspended from the ceilingBecause the lower screens have hooks in there.

The producer explained that when sending a file storyboard of performers, including Zenthal, too The BBC was responsible for getting rid of the plane Depending on the size and type of rooms. Despite this, he was very happy with the new plane: “We just fell in love. It has a diagonal-evoking interface that you look for at the end.”

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