Eurovision 2023 | Eurovision 2023 final: when and in what position does Blanca Paloma work?

  • The singer will defend the Spanish nomination with “Eaea” in the first half of the finale and try to win the long-awaited crystal mic

Start the countdown. In just over 24 hours, the Spanish representative said, White Pigeonwill go up to the M&S Arena in Liverpool to Defending Spain’s candidacy with Nana “Eya” In the 67th edition of Eurovision Song Contest. The artist from Elche will try to win the crystal microphone with her performance, which will take place in the first half of the Grand Final.

The singer is from Elche She will perform in the first part of the finalspecifically in 8th place in the Grand Final Eurovision 2023, which will take place This Saturday at 9:00 pm. It will be broadcast on La 1 de TVE. Blanca Paloma will take the podium right after Andrew Lambro of Cyprus and Lauren kissed her tattoos, Biggest candidate to win the “Golden Microphone”. It is estimated that the Spanish performance will take place About 9:45 p.m

Blanca Paloma’s rivals in the final

Albania, Cyprus, Estonia, Belgium, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, Australia, Armenia, Slovenia They are the last ten nations to gain entry into the Eurovision final in Thursday’s second semi-final in Liverpool in which Spain managed to vote.

from You will not act in this final Those eliminated would be Denmark, Romania, Georgia, San Marino, Iceland and Greece.

The rest of the countriesyour palm’ They also know in which part of the final they will perform. France, Italy And Germany They will do it in the first half, while Ukraine and the United kingdom They will in a second. Specifically, the English singer May Muller will be responsible for closing the ceremony with her song “I wrote a song”.

Complete ranking of offers

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Since the 2014 edition, it isThe order of performance of the Eurovision Final Ceremony is chosen by the host channel, in this case BBC, with the aim of making the best TV programme. This ranking was known Thursday morning as soon as the second semi-final, in which The last 10 contestants were already known who will work with the rest of the candidates, a total of 26, in the final on Saturday 13 May.

The grand finale of Eurovision Austria will open between 9:00 pm and 9:15 pm; The United Kingdom will be responsible for ending the festival after 11:00 pm. he The complete order will be as follows:

  1. Austria | Tia and Salina – “Who the Hell is Edgar?”

  2. Portugal | imitated – “Ai Coraçao”

  3. Switzerland | Remo Fourier – Watergun

  4. Poland | Blanca – “Alone”

  5. srt | Luke Black – Samo Mi Se Spava

  6. France: La Zarra – “Evidemment”

  7. Cyprus | Andrew Lambro – Break A Broken Heart

  8. Spain | White Dove – “Eaea”

  9. Sweden | Lauren – tattoo

  10. Albany | Albina and Vamilja Kelmendi – “Dog”

  11. Italy | Marco Mengoni – “Due Vite”

  12. Estonian | Alika – “Bridges”

  13. Finland | kareja – “cha-cha-cha”

  14. Czech | Vesna – “My Sister’s Crown”

  15. Australia | Voyager – “The Promise”

  16. Belgium | Gustav – “Because of You”

  17. Armenian | brunette – “future lovers”

  18. Moldova | Pasha Parvini – “Soarele si Luna”

  19. Ukraine | TVORCHI – “Heart of Steel”

  20. Norway | Alessandra – “Queen of Kings”

  21. Germany | Lord of the Lost – “Blood and Glitter”

  22. Lithuania: | Monica Linketti – “Stay”

  23. Israel | Noah Kerell – “Unicorn”

  24. Slovenia | Joker Out – “Carpe Diem”

  25. Croatia | Let 3 – “Mama ŠC!”

  26. United Kingdom | Mae Mueller – I wrote a song

Everything you need to know about the Eurovision 2023 final

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