Eurovision 2023 | Blanca Paloma has completed her first rehearsal for Eurovision 2023

  • The Spanish actress held her first Eurovision rehearsal dressed as an archer

White Pigeon He stepped on stage for the first time today Eurovision 2023 for your processing The opening rehearsal before the final to be held on May 13 and She did this while wearing a bowler’s uniform, in a model very similar to the one she wore when she was chosen to represent Spain at the event.

This was Thursday in Liverpool stadiumon the banks of the River Mersey and in the city that was the birthplace of the Beatles and which is hosting the Eurovision Song Festival due to the impossibility of Ukraine winning in 2022 to celebrate the contest due to the war with Russia.

“It was great, I felt at home,” said the singer from Elche in statements to RTVE social networks, after interpreting her lullaby with flamenco roots “EaEa” at this first rehearsal, which took place behind closed doors for the rest of the media. .

Archer dress

As seen in this video and in another clip posted by the public entity’s official Eurovision profile, Blanca Paloma is back for Eurovision 2023 Costume design by Paula De Diego To pre-select the Benidorm Festival, with some variation.

He commented, “I worked with Blanca Paloma for two years for this amazing moment, and it was legal for her to be present on this very important occasion.” Raoul Love, Fashion designer for RTVE and costume designer for the artist, in statements compiled by

So, The return of Joya-inspired shoes and pants Or high waist in the style of a bullfighter, back in White, scaly skinWhich simulates snakeskin as a symbol of nature, earthiness, and change towards something renewed and stronger.

as repeated A piece of leather braided around his left arm“like a catalyst that channels the power of word and song into the air” and that evokes the character of classic shooters.

The main difference appears in the file bodicewhich It’s maroon againBut this time it’s not even soft Carved on a mold of his own bodyas a kind of “shield” or symbol of strength, but with “soft, organic shapes” and the color of the heart and emotions.

Improved choreography

Regarding his actions, the RTVE statement says so The same rules are maintained by which the winner was declared in Benidorm Last February, it was “enhanced to take advantage of all the elements that the Liverpool Arena has to offer.”

Therefore, it is repeated Boot inside the “call circle” Among the red fringes that refer to his grandmother’s shawl to his mother, although this time thanks to a structure with a height of 3 and a half meters, which is the maximum allowed in the festival, it is movable and does not dangle, making it easy to install it on stage.

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Blanca Paloma emphasized at the end of her article: “The fringes, which were the most important thing, were that little shawl that she wore on her chest that hugged us to look empowered.”

And RTVE promises to do soThere will be new camera shotsespecially in the second part of the song, and Light play “stronger” Which will be one of the main changes compared to what was seen in Spain.

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