“European money monitoring platform not working”

An open battle between the Ministry of Finance and the Community of Madrid. Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment of the Territory, Javier Fernandez Lasquite, confirmed that the European money control tool is still suspended for more than a year and a half after its commitment to implement it. This was announced at an informational breakfast organized by Europa Press.

“The money management system is very disastrous. The communication platform between the government and the governing bodies is not even working. About this app, called coffeeWhat was not in Coffee was not there, the Minister of Finance told the directors; A year and a half passed, and what did not exist was the communication system.”

Likewise, the Madrid Chancellor explained, as reported by the ABC, that due to the ineffectiveness of the platform, the Ministry asks them for information on the implementation of European funds through Excel sheets. In other words, outside of the platform that must be a factor, all to be able to submit accounts with Brussels, even manually.

In this sense, the non-work coffee It is a serious problem for the government of Pedro Sanchez. Its implementation is included in the obligations with the European Commission to gradually receive resources.

Brussels had already evaluated the implementation of the tool in a request for funding months ago, but the endorsement came with an asterisk. The committee not only demands that the control system be developed, but also that it be 100% operable, which is not the case. Now that the executive has requested a third tranche of community funds, European institutions will re-evaluate whether that commitment is finally met. Otherwise, Spain will suffer a possible cut in funds in the future.

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Furthermore, the Community of Madrid requested that the meeting of the Sectoral Conference of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan be held so that the central government would inform the Autonomous Communities of the shortcomings in the management of funds; This is an industry conference created specifically to address coordination around community resources. “The regional executive Claims to know why the computer tool for monitoring aid management is not yet operational, as well as a low implementation of Perte that leaves large companies out of calls, among other things,” the regional government noted.

The Chancellor stressed that the Madrid government is “more flexible” in managing the funds, of which 1,652 million euros have already been received and 540 euros have been allocated, representing 91% of the amount set by the state for the region in 2022.

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