European League: Insolent gifts from United, which Al-Nusairi took advantage of

theSevilla’s victory over Manchester United in the second leg of the Europa League quarter-finals left En-Nesyri, scorer of the first and third goals for Sevilla, as champions.

The Moroccan striker took advantage of two inaccurate mistakes that turned into rude mistakes by De Gea and Maguire, which are not appropriate for a match of this level.

In the first goal, the Spanish goalkeeper wanted to get out with the ball that was played, and gave the ball to Maguire who was in the front line, giving him a way out of the ball that was not quite clear or clean, since the middle. The defender was surrounded by opponents who ended up stealing the ball. A mistake cost the first goal of the game.

With the score at 2-0 and the score practically tied, the mistake was even greater. A ball from the local defensive area reached the feet of De Gea, who went to look for it in the front of the area, wanting to control it first, but he failed in his attempt and left the ball dead again for Enseri to score it at will. before disbelieving the Spanish goalkeeper.

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