European League Final: En-Nesyri’s “payable” debts

AndThere are moments in footballers’ careers that determine their fate. through thick and thin. A good moment is not always associated with a better course, and vice versa. Perhaps the main point of take off Youssef Al-Nusairi as a player Seville It was on the night of the end of September Budapest. Exactly where his team plays for the European title. last. He was lost head-to-head in the final minutes of the final European Super Cup in view of noir Andalusians could be denied the second place Super Cup. They will fall into overtime. he drowned.

The Moroccan who arrived in January 2020 in a group Nervin At the request of Lopetegui, got off the bench and ran from one area to another to keep hand in hand – no one close – against the German goalkeeper. You guessed the shot. Oh he had Seville the address. I felt responsible for that. The worst possible feeling.

There are two ways: making mistakes or boosting self-esteem

Monchi for En-Nesyri after the European Super Cup against Bayern

Conversation with Munshi

“There are two ways, make mistakes or boost self-esteem,” he said. Munshi Some time after that night in the capital Hungarythe last European final in Seville until date. The next should arrive at the same place. He was talking at the foot of the stadium with Yusef And I said to him, “Today you missed a goal, but maybe in your career you will give us many goals that will be important,” he said. Said and done. league And Championsjust one of them out of the box.

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Goal against Roma in 2020

In the round of 16 tie

This is not the first time that Rome And Seville measured in European League. They did it in the Round of 16 of 2020, Sevilla’s last title, with a duel in a pandemic at a neutral stadium (2-0). in Nusayri He achieved the second goal after overcoming Sevilla regelin. He also did so in the tie against Cluj. He always appears at crucial moments.

Al-Nesyri, against Bayern Munich in the European Super Cup

Al-Nesyri, against Bayern Munich in the European Super CupEFE

He had a hard time again with injuries. It seems that it can not be recovered. Goal has made this goal Seville in Champions last exercise. And yet worldIn the current season, he turned down any offer to focus on Seville. In saving the Andalusian team. What can not be imagined in Nusayri that life would give him the opportunity to repay the debt he had contracted with him Budapest. After nearly two years noir Go straight to your nightmares. It was vital in a way Seville Till the end. goals before united also Juventus. It’s your time. the Rome waiting in Puskas Arena.

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