Europa League: Two fans have been hospitalized following a scuffle ahead of the Europa League final

Another Spanish and Italian fan was taken to hospital This wednesday in budapest post Fight between Sevilla and Roma fanshours before the European League final that the two teams will play in the Hungarian capital, Inform the local police.

According to the authorities, “several individuals” were involved in a fight on Egresi Street, Close to Pusks Arna Stadium, Where the match will take place from 7:00 pm.

Three people were injured and two of them were taken to hospital.Police said the officers entered “within a few minutes.”

On the other hand, the Budapest Police, He opened an investigation into an alleged vandalism committed in a group So far, seven people with Polish citizenship have been arrested.

According to the local press, he saidThe authorities expected clashes between the Seville Ultras and the Polish Slask Wroclawas they will be able to take revenge in Budapest for a quarrel with Sevilla fans in 2013.

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