Europa League: The possibility of Xabi Alonso returning to Real Madrid puts the risk of a draw on Real Madrid

Andis possible Xabi Alonso returns to Real Arenaa few moths After his decision not to renew your contract As coach of Real Sociedad B.Cput the obsessed To txuriurdin’s club the lottery from the judiciary European League round of 16 Which will take place today at 12:00, because Bayer Leverkusen, which is now leading, is one of the potential competitors.

Juventus, Manchester United, Sporting de Portugal, Roma, Union Berlin and Shakhtar Donetsk Other potential complex opponents that Emmanol Alguasil’s men might be paired with are the ones who will play the first leg on March 9 at home. Back on the 16th in San Sebastian.

Real, Along with the rest of the teams that got the Leading in the group stageYesterday, Thursday, I watched how the qualifiers ended between the teams that finished second and those that fell from the Champions League, knowing that, as we have seen in the list of classified clubs, they will have to face a very difficult opponent.

Comfortable flights but complicated competitors

he Bayer Leverkusen, who went through a penalty shootout, is the team that put the disease in the draw, due to the possibility of Xabi Alonso returning to Real Arena, now as a rival coach, after three sessions in the txuriurdin branch. he The displacement will be comfortable and can travel a lot of hobbiesas with Sporting de Portugal, Roma, Union Berlin, Juventus or United, Although Real has already seen several times with the English, much less is required.

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