Europa League: Sevilla – Manchester United | You can dream: preview, analyze, predict and predict

AndFootball has become accustomed to unexpected twists in the script, where the fine line between success and failure prevents the analysis from making rational overtones. Everything is black or white. Simply because the feelings they unleash are closer to the heart than to the head. No player from Sevilla would think of experiencing a match of such high profile this season as tonight’s Sanchez Pizgon. Not even a dream. An awful year in the sport, which now settles on the sole goal of continuity has suddenly taken off The door of history to further expand it in Europe. As if the competition itself does not want to give up its loyal defender.

Sevilla is the protégé of the European League. They take care of each other. From being able to fall in any of the previous qualifiers, to reaching the options to reach the semi-finals after enduring a hell of a lot Old Trafford. This competition was viewed with some annoyance because while the rounds were overcome, the team in the league did not react, and was on edge. Even Mendelbar himself kept players in Manchester thinking of Mestalla. They signed him to save Sevilla. He is on his way to doing so. Moreover, he has in front of his nose the possibility of making a new history in Nervin. One win away from the semi-finals. Who was he going to tell him?

Because once you get to that point in the tournament, anything short of wanting a trophy is ridiculous. Sevilla, who reaches the quarter-finals, lifts the title. A frightening statistic for the competitors and the Andalusian national team with an intolerable responsibility.

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However, given how everything has played out this season, an attractive fixture against United is seen by the club and Diocese of Sevilla as a fantastic possibility. Savor the positive vibes. Many of the Sevillists broke into tears at the home victories as the team could reach the Final Three. This suffering cannot be easily forgotten. They will come tonight dressed in pure white to enjoy the European football to which they are so accustomed, but they will appreciate even more how hard it was to get here, in the smack of reality they might have needed.

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Both Sevilla and Manchester United are not new to matches of this tension. The English are third in the Premier League, although they are far from closing the goal of qualifying for the Champions League. They also have the semi-finals of the FA Cup, important goals, in addition to the Europa League itself. They learned their lesson from the first leg and would not leave Sevilla alive if they had a chance to get to this point. For this very reason, Mandelbar will ask his players for a header.

No goals are worth twice as far as competitors are concerned. A tie in the first leg is immovable and going into the round necessarily means winning. For this reason, and despite the environment that encourages players to go forward with everything in them, the coach’s message is lukewarm. Not allowing United to find holes in Sevilla’s system and be able to run freely. Anthony and Sancho get punished a lot in the open field, So the first rule is to attack with a safety net. It does no good to let your hair fall out uncontrollably.

The day has come. The most anticipated date in Nervin. On a tournament where he was only able to get the mud out of his pants after several months of walking in the mud, one day he was shown changing into his suit.. It’s time to go to the party. The night is worth it. You can dream.

Predicted by A. FDEZ.

Seville 1-1 United

The difference that was present in the first leg, less in the score, will not appear at the Sanchez Pizgon stadium, where Sevilla has always been strong, and even more so in European competition. Duel does not waste time and to be matched again. No one wants to think about an extension or anything else now, although it is an option that sees how both teams arrive.

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