Europa League: Sevilla – Eindhoven: Europe, and they are between commitment

Andthe past November 7th he Seville He knew his playoff opponent was in European League: he Eindhoven Eindhoven to Luc de Jongean old acquaintance of Seville and the protagonist of the last title won by the people of Seville in Cologne. The team has undergone an important change since that draw, it is starting to come out of its nightmare league – Although it is still in a complex situation – it has consolidated two players in the winter market (Bad, Ocampos, Brian Gill, Bab Guy) And he has shown ways in his game that show his recovery. But it is not standardized.

I play the European League Excites of course, however Jorge Sampaoli Does not remove focus league Despite being in a copy of the bells with competitors such as Barcelonahe Arsenal or the Manchester United. “Thinking that we can give more importance to something other than league“It seems unrealistic to me,” the Argentine coach commented in the preview.

Nervin Sponsors a return to continental competition. he Seville He became powerful in his fiefdom, and turned to victories The last four appearances in front of his fans. Alex says Modernism is on the list Jorge Sampaoli. one of Casilda Reliance on Gudeli And Joan JordanComing down next Sunday Vallecas. Ferdinand, with a blow to the ankle, is questionable. in it EindhovenAnd Rick Gutierrez And Richard Ledezma On sick leave, while Anwar Al-Ghazi, Sofio And kjell peersman They got hurt.

some 3,000 fans affiliate Eindhoven They will be in the stands tonight Sanchez Pizgon to encourage the team Ruud van Nistelrooy. In a week, the return match will take place Eindhoven, the city that raises sighs in Sevillism. There was, in May 2006Where he started his silver journey in XXI century. Andalusian team succeeded in confrontation Middlesbrough His first title at that time UEFA Cupa pastoral debut that left other magical nights behind (2007, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2020).

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