Europa League: Sampaoli: “You have to put your heart in because the club needs it”

Fifthre European league to Sanchez Pizgon. Those who Sampaoli Resumption of international competitions vs Eindhoven Eindhoven in two games. Technical Seville It appeared in the press room with a highly competitive rating Ready to play heroes. He has great footballers and he makes a team that commands respect.” Despite the excitement created by the competition, “because instability in which we are sailing We need one merge Then see where we go. We haven’t achieved that buildup that makes us know what our level is in this competition against such ready teams. he Sunday We also have Obligation to register The team wouldn’t have dragged him in this last stage. You have to play with 100 percent people.

De Jong or En-Nesyri

“The people of Sevilla will try to thank De Jong for everything he meant, but now he is our rival and we have to be vigilant to neutralize him. The best nine there is the one we have and he is the one I trust.”

Necessary courses

“It’s not just Fernando’s ankle. Neither Godelli nor Jordan can play at the weekend. We have to put a lot of criteria, a lot of analysis. We can’t separate one game from another. We’ll try to do the best tomorrow’s game and the best on Sunday. Some won’t be able to repeat it.”

European league level

“For the teams out there, Barcelona at a high level, Manchester at a high level, Arsenal…impossible. It’s a Champions League final team and makes the competition we play more beautiful. Just like PSV. It’s sold a lot lately because it acted like a club that let it To be incredibly competitive.”

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What does it mean to win it

“Winning means everything to me, but I only think about these two games”


“We don’t go out with reservations, it’s facts. We need to win on Thursday and Sunday. They determine the club’s performance because of the Shield. Giving more importance to things other than the league is unrealistic.”

Jay’s absence

“He’s not on the list because he came last. Even the bad ones, who arrived much earlier, we don’t really know how they got there. We don’t know if they had the continuity of playing game after game. It was a bit of an arrival order, we didn’t know about Their adaptation to Spanish football.


“These are situations we have to live with all year round. Jes Navas shouldn’t play against Mallorca, but we need everyone. We have to put our heart into it because the club needs this.”


“It’s a lot of aspects. In transfers, he hits a lot of transfers, he presses well in the beginning, we have to have a clear exit if we want to control the ball. He has very unbalanced attackers and a center forward who knows everything very well in the world. De Jong is absolute. In Anytime during a game he can tag you in. There are plenty of suitable names and he’s been blown away by those lately.”

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