Europa League: Roma-Betis: Leadership on the line in Mourinho and Pellegrini’s reunion

MIt’s a decade since the famous phrase Jose Mourinho In which he emphasized that “the difference with Pellegrini Is this if Real Madrid kick me out, don’t go to MalagaSince then, their paths have crossed on several occasions, in both Spain As is the case in England. Although it was in the lead up to the match between Rome s Pettis tonight in Olympic When Engineer He remembered the tale that pulls elegance.

“It was a viral phrase, as they say nowadays. I was proud to go to Malaga Because I live by challenges. I think the same thing happened to him, he was an elite and now he is looking for challenges, like confrontation Rome to me Champions or win conspiracy. He didn’t hold back, but he had conflicting exits in his last clubs, which is why he was chosen Rome It’s as big of a step to maturity as the one you took when you were gone Malaga‘ said the Chilean in Newspaper.

A move that kept the Portuguese coach away from the top continental competition and will play tonight in Olympic Lots of file sorting options European League, and practically all those who could aspire to lead the group. The first place to be defended by Verdiblancos, having been complete in the first two days (six points to three for the Italians), with the goal of not only entering the playoffs for the second season in a row but doing so at the helm of the subordinate group C To get straight into the Round of 16, avoiding the playoff in February.

Mourinho, with unknowns

At the athletic level, Rome arrive with the victims Wijnaldum s Carsport And with doubts DybalaMourinho confirmed that he would play today without clarifying whether he would do so from the start, and Lorenzo Pellegrini (which, as it is known, has nothing to do with Manuel, the Baltic coach), are two key pieces in the Giallorossi’s offensive framework. Despite this, in an attempt to take advantage of the atmospheric factor, through the crowded stadium (where there will be approximately 4,000 fans in the stands), with the aim of chasing Pettis In the classification and with the permission of Ludogoretsplays a leading role in Benito Villamarne in seven days.

Verdiblancos, for their part, reach Italia Without long-term injury Juanmi, who yesterday took another step by removing the complete paralysis of his left ankle, and without scoring unregistered Montoya and Lauren. The engineer is recovering Sabali After his muscle problem, although it’s not clear if he’ll start or not roypal Right side, and you can count on your honorary backbone: Luis FelipeAnd the Guido RodriguezAnd the William CarvalhoAnd the thoughtAnd the channels s Borja Iglesias.

A great game in the style that is in Heliopolis Somewhat reminiscent of what was disputed four years ago in San Siro Before Milan, also with a massive mass movement. On that occasion, Pettis bring victory Italia, his only victory in an official European match in a country across the Alps. Tonight try to make this team led Lou Celso Don’t be the last to win at home against a great a series.

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