Europa League: Real Madrid will face no promotion or relegation to host Roma on Thursday

theto real community Zubieta is back today, after Sunday’s draw in Mallorca, with The mind is already set Thursday’s match at Real Arena vs Romeas you try to come back from 2-0 down in the first leg With the same soccer players who has traveled to the Italian city since then Aritz Elustondo remains on the sidelines from the group.

After many recoveries in recent weeks and the exit of Sadiq Omar for a long time, The only positive news in training could come from the return of Aritz, Who was injured during his visit to the Bernabéu on January 29, a month and a half ago, but for the time being, a sprained ankle still prevents him from playing sports with his teammates.

At least, Imanol Alguazel is not suffering losses After the intense appointments in Rome and Mallorca, despite the fact that there are strikes in both, so he will have to receive Jose Mourinho’s men among the 24 players with whom he faced these two matches.

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