Europa League: Paulo Dybala vs. Nabil Fekir, a fencing star at the Rome Olympics

sThe match of the greats that will be played on Thursday from 9:00 pm at the Olympic Stadium in Rome between the local team and Real Betis who are seeking to finalize, or at least stay very close, of the classification of the next round. Pellegrini’s men lead the group with a full number of victories and take three points from Mourinho’s men.

Aside from the confrontation between the Portuguese and the Chilean, there is another point of interest on the field: the duel between the players. More weight and quality for each modelAnd the Baylo Dybala and Nabil Fekirwho will face each other today and try to lead their teams to three points.

Two different cases of shape

Although they are benchmarks for both teams, they don’t arrive the same for this match. If taken as a reference Stats for the season 2021/22The performance of both players is as good as it is. Dybala collected a total of 39 matches (15 goals and six assists) and Fikr 47 (10 goals and 10 assists)..

But what will have the biggest impact on the match is how both players arrive now, and their respective realities are very different. For his part, the Argentine accumulates a total He played nine matches, scoring five goals and distributing assists. Within a few months he adapted perfectly What is Mourinho asking? And what does it mean to be a player in Rome?

For its part, the French characters are a little poorer. He was injured 10 minutes after the match against Real Madrid and He missed four more games. Therefore, their numbers are summed up to I played five games, and two passes. In fact, this match will be his first UEL appearance this season.

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Main weight in the game

Paulo Dybala is a key player in the offensive side of Mourinho’s scheme. As its heat map shows, its presence in Three quarters of the field and on the right wing contributes a lot to the level. He receives in the free spaces on the opposite field, turns around, and opens a range of offensive options such as long shots, filter passes, back crosses, and openings to the finish line.

In addition, its speed and verticality give them The ability to be important in the most defensive situations in games with his counter-attacks.

Paulo Dybala/Sufascore Heat Map

Paulo Dybala/Sufascore Heat Map

however, Thought is made to be a beacon for Real Betis. The matches in which he did not participate, the team was not the same in construction and in the offensive phase. Also, your heat map confirms this. appears in All offensive areas on the fieldon both sides and in the spaces in front of the opponent’s defence.

Nabil Fekir Heat Map / Sofascore

Nabil Fekir Heat Map / Sofascore

It is the basis of Pellegrini’s Pass and Triangle game, which is why its graphic performance shows how Reaches very low areas of the field of play, with the goal of maximizing oxygen as the ball exits and builds.

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