Europa League: Normand: “We want to win to stay ahead and count on us”

Ropen Le Normand is clear about Royal’s goal Society in tomorrow’s match in Cyprus against Omonia: Winning and reaching the last round ahead of Manchester Unitedwith many options to finish first.

It’s clear Lou Norman that Real must play as hard as they can to qualify for victory. “I think we have to be very clear that we have to play hard and do it well. The most important thing is to win, to play well, to have good feelings, to go to Valladolid, where we did a lot of things well, but we didn’t win. We depend on ourselves and we want to win to continue doing that in the first place.”

The Frenchman enters this cycle alternately, having been reformed in the past. “It usually happens in football, sometimes it’s your turn to play, sometimes your teammates play and they do well. I’ve tried to be available as much as I can and it’s unfortunate that the injury put me off for a few weeks, but now I’m fine again and I’ll try to be available. For each game and it will be the master who decides who plays. I hope I can play everything, but 48 matches out of 51 cannot be played every year,” he noted.

john Pacheco, for example, did very well when he entered his place. “Work is the strength of our team and you can see it when people who don’t play much come in. It is one of our strengths and those who play always will contribute a lot,” he stressed.

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