Europa League: No Real threatens to withdraw its cards if there are partners involved in yesterday’s events

theto Real Sociedad expressed its condemnation of these incidents some txuriurdin FC fans shone yesterday along with others from Romabefore the match between the two teams, and He threatened to withdraw their membership cardIf investigations show that the royal subscribers were involved in these unfortunate events which resulted in three arrests, one injury and severe damage to hotel facilities in the area.

This is the statement from the Royal Society:

the Real Sociedad wants to express its most active refusal To the events that supposed Real Sociedad and Roma fans did in the run-up to yesterday’s match.

We understand Football as a scenario for brotherhood and union Between people, cities and towns, not a space for confrontation and hatred. We want to show that we are concerned that these kinds of incidents are taking us away from what football and sport in general should be.

Finally, we show Our firm resolve not to accept among our members persons whoIf investigations prove this, Participate in accidents from yesterday.

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