Europa League: Mourinho’s super record against Betis

Jose Mourinho This Thursday could become the coach with the most victories in the European competition in history. Beating Betis in Rome in the Europa League group stage match will make the Portuguese coach a true legend, defeating Sir Alex Ferguson, with whom he is currently tied at the top of the European winning table.

Mourinho will arrive 107 victories in the Champions League, European League and Conference League, Thus, he became the technician who achieved the most international successes and surpassed Ferguson. In third place in this classification is Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti (105) It is followed by the Spaniards Guardiola (95) and Emery (84).

Mourinho has won matches in Europe since the 2001/2002 season. Specifically, his European debut with Porto was a double defeat to Real Madrid in the group stage that season. Then I will check Their first European victory over Olympiacos on March 12, 2002. After this victory (2-1 in Do Dragao), more than 100 people came on the verge of making him the coach who won the most matches in the European joint petition in directing teams such as Porto, Real Madrid, Inter, Chelsea, United, Tottenham and now Roma.

The only one that has all three titles

It must be remembered that the Portuguese coach became the only coach to win three major European titles at the end of the season, even tattooing the three cups, the Champions, the European League and the Conference as a symbol of the individual. The Portuguese has two champions (Porto and Inter), the European League (United) and the Conference (Roma), a team he continues to lead.

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