Europa League: Mourinho: “I want to help the Romans because they helped me”

Dr..Two for Jose Mourinho. After last year’s Conference League final (beat against Feyenoord), the Europa League comes in 2022/23. The opponent will be Sevilla in Budapest. It is Moh’s sixth European final, and ninth if you count Super Cups. He only lost these last three, in fact. The rest won.

After the match, the Portuguese celebrated in style.

Rome has: “That’s my team’s way, it’s a matter of small details… If Smalling isn’t on the bench, we might not win tonight.”

the match: “It was difficult to lose Celik. Same with Spinazzola. This result is made possible by our ability to stick to tactics, steer the game in our favor and cover our weaknesses.”

Message to the fans: “I don’t know if I could ask the fans for anything else, but these guys deserve something special on Monday when we leave Trigoria.”

Stage in Rome: “My concern is not to become part of the history of Roma, but to help the boys grow as players and help the Romanistas as they have helped me from day one. I want to give these people joy… like the joy of going to a European final.”

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