Europa League: Mourinho ‘dart’: ‘The Champions League’s failed sharks will reach the Europa League’

Jose MourinhoTechnical Romewas more than satisfied with the point his team scored against Pettis In the Benito Villamarneallowing him to continue to rely on himself to enter the knockout rounds of Europa League: “It was a match with a lot of pressure. It looked like a direct elimination because if we lost we would be out of the competition. A draw is our real savior.”

The Portuguese highlighted the commitment of his players in the match in which they arrived with huge losses: “Losing 1-0 after the first 45 minutes means a lot of pressure. With all the problems we have in terms of injuries and penalties, we are playing against a new team like Pettis…Effort and heart were our great quality, at least we deserved the lottery. Maybe with our quality we could risk more in the last 10 minutes, but we had to play with our heads. Now we will think of two more victories.”

right Now Rome You must win in HJK and the Ludogorets To run into the round: “We have two games to play and win, two knockout rounds: if we don’t win, we go out. But it’s good, because we only think of ourselves: there is no need to wait for any other result.”

As usual, Mourinho He presented his own way of understanding football and motivating his players, in this case his attackers: “Belotti s lbrahim It was disastrous in the first part, they came out with red ears, and I hit them hard because they didn’t do what I asked. I gave them a well-earned talk in the locker room at halftime. Then they were great in the second half.”

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The dart of the third hero

In the end, the Portuguese coach threw an “arrow” at the teams that would fall from Champions They will have to play a playoff against the group seconds of Europa League In February in search of a place in the second round. When asked if the Pettis He was the favorite of the tournament, he said, “I see him as a candidate, but the Failed Sharks ChampionsIt will be great. It will be fun.”

“We want to go ahead and finish second, but if we finish third, we will be favorites to win the title. conspiracy. They are enemies that should not come Europa League, it’s a reality. to fail Champions. The unsuccessful sharks will arrive, and they will arrive big. He said. Mourinho.

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