Europa League: Monchi: “The doctor told me that one day I would die on the pitch”

AndThe clock is ticking and in a few hours Seville dispute in Istanbul the to forbid to Round of 16 affiliate European League Kiss Fenerbahee. Sevilla will defend a 2-0 win in the first leg, but they know they won’t take it easy in the ‘Turkish hell’. MunshiAs usual, he traveled with the team and spoke to the media to leave his impressions of this afternoon’s match and evaluate the strategy for reaching the quarter-finals. “We have reached this goal, with a good result that is not final and We have to know how to sufferAnd managing match times and improving some of the things we weren’t very good at Sevillewhich reinforces the best of what we did, especially in the second half. Results He is Nothing worse than the one in Eindhoven And there we suffer, so it must be a good example. Fenerbaheelike a good Turkish team, In transitions it usually hurt you. The athletic director general at the US Department of Defense commented that you have to have good defensive alertness and play close” Seville.

environment vs

“We know that it will be very to their advantage, and we know how the fans push this, and it is an obstacle that we have to overcome, but I started thinking about the players who will participate in the match and have many draws. It can be a motivation for a footballer.”

Fenerbahçe arrives more comfortable

“Obviously, it can be a hindrance because there is little chance of recovery. With so many injuries, we don’t have a chance to rotate and they will have to repeat the players they played on Sunday. But, since there is no solution, it has to be faced and overcome as an obstacle.. More We had two important games last week, suffering, which at this stage is something usual with a lot of problems, but it shows one important thing, that the team wants it. He may be somewhat lucky, but he has heart and I won him and that will help us.”

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He must beat Sevilla

“The ideal would be to score a goal, but we have to try to play more together. The coach has envisioned it well and we’ll see a game more like PSV. The first 75 minutes there are one of our best. We’ve seen the team since Jorge arrived and hopefully he’ll be on that line.” .

suffering of the season

“One day the doctor told me that one day I would die on the field. Let’s hope I don’t know and suffer a little less, but we will suffer because it is not a final result and if we don’t score a goal we will have difficult moments. I want to think that we will not suffer until the end, but the teams below did not Fail and the rescue can go up to 42 or 43 points. Now we have a series of rivals fighting below and we’ll see, but I didn’t get that far. Today I managed to play a serious game at the level the competition requires and that we might be in the draw on Friday.”

Marcao and the injured

“Marcao has asked to travel for personal reasons and to be with the team. I am optimistic, I think the break will be very good for us, and that even if it is sporadic, Marcao, Karim and Babu can all be available and contribute their grain of sand.”

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