Europa League: Monchi: “I have an indefinite contract and the first option is to continue in Seville”

Munshias is typical of every European exodus SevilleI attended this afternoon to the displaced media to comment on Quarters round affiliate European league tonight in Old Trafford. But he also talked about her future. I focus the discussion on The important thingand that is La Liga and the European League; already arrived June Oh quietly We will appreciate everythingHe commented, “To this day I have an unlimited contract with the Seville and the The first option is to continue. I work with the delusion and desire that I believe I always have, along with the management committee of following a plan Lost track recoveryadded the man from Cadiz. It’s a season where things haven’t gone well, but I’m not saying we’ll talk in June because I’m leaving but to see What do we want to dothe message to launch, where to go…a little bit of everything,” he noted.

What tie are you waiting for?

“We must achieve the best possible result today that will allow us to face the Sevilla match with the illusion I now have of going further in the competition. Anything that means achieving that result that conveys possibilities, the fact of continuing to compete. It will be good news.”

What game should Sevilla do?

“The parity between them is where they are stronger, and it is material and technical quality. With respect but not fear. Sevilla must have the character and maturity to manage the different games that will be played within the game and use their weapons. This team has more football than it has shown and we are in the moment to put it on the table.”

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Another face in Europe

“It’s a competition that motivates us, makes us get the best out of every aspect in every aspect, and I hope it continues that way, in this edition of the six-time European champions. When you see the standings, you drive it. Let us bring out that spirit that gives us so much joy.” .

Mandelibar’s good hand

“He’s close. When there’s a change of coach, there’s a tendency to speak badly of the person who leaves and good of who’s coming in, you have to be more balanced. Jose Luis cultivates what we knew about him but he’s close. He’s loyal to himself and that’s what we asked for. If he comes he’s for something and defend it to the death. It is the foundation of what is to come.”

Eleven without reservations

“Sevilla must come out with the best 11 players possible. Victoria is calling for victory and this team needs to regain confidence and there is no better scenario or moment than having a result here to raise it. I don’t know the team. There is no need to search any longer this evening.”

What would be a good result?

“It depends a bit on the match. Anything to win is good. I’ll go for it even though I know it’s tough. Maybe a loss or a draw is good depending on the match, but we’re aiming for the maximum.”

Rashford’s absence

“They have great players. If Casemiro, Bruno, Anthony, Martial, Shaw aren’t there…maybe. Just because Rashford is missing isn’t decisive.”

Maracao State

“On a medical level, he’s recovered. He’s been out of work for four months and on a physical level, to hold one hundred percent for ninety minutes, I have some doubts but we’ve seen him play worse than he is now when he went out with Sampaoli. If the master pulls him back, he will respond.” .

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