Europa League: Juventus-Sevilla: Vecia’s love story

Andhe Seville Turned yesterday, May 10th, approx Age of majority (17 years old) From the first kiss he gave to that old love called European league. The light was made in Eindhoven. It appears to be a line in the water of an entity that is very accustomed to it We live in eternal frustration. Even in his worst moments, his competition helped him. And it cannot be missing in a season that is calendared in time. Permanence is already a reality. And now Juventus Stadium attends a new attempt by Seville to dominate Europe. to sit on his throne.

In turn, adersario awaits with a sharp fang. He recovered sensations, with those 15 points putting him back in the top flight Bianconero He gladly wears his favorite bet brand. Allegri goes with everything. The luxury of booking important players to take over Sevilla they are unfamiliar with could have been afforded. His association with the European League worries him, and he even sees what he did to Manchester United. He also saw there the weakness of the opponent who still suffers from gaps in his game, especially at the physical level. But today the legs do not weigh. Whatever Sevilla achieves must be won on the grass. Zero concessions.

mandelbar He speaks frankly that this is a historic moment for him. Not so much for the team that leads. Although its players believe like few others in the possibility of becoming champions again. They had a terrible year in the league, with a real hysterical firecracker scare. And now seeing themselves in the semi-finals has taken the blindfold off. I let them breathe. And now they live in the stream of happiness that announces the arrival of something important. They do not want to get out of the strong wave, with the respect they have for Juventus full of professional and quality footballers. They play each equalizer to the maximum. They don’t eat anyone either. They end up going into the round due to the weight of the shield and Italian football wise more than level.

Mandelbar tactic

The Sevilla coach warned his men that they must not lose focus at any time. Although they try to follow Mandelbar’s text to the letter, Caution must be very careful, knowing that there is a brood in Sánchez-Pizjun and that arriving with real options will be the best gift For the month of May that is full of Seville fiestas. The 31st of this month takes a long way. too much. Budapest can only be whispered until the magic is broken. Seville is two steps away from continuing to gain weight in an endless romance. What was considered a romantic springtime was coming of age. a old A love story that has been dedicated to a lifetime.

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