Europa League: Juventus clinch the European League title within a year to forget

jJuventus and Sevilla, in turn, meet in the first “round” for a ticket to Budapest. Although the people of Seville have regained their smiles with the arrival of Mandelbar and the good road in Europe, Vecchia Signora is going through a season full of turmoil and uncertainties… much remains unresolved.

What started as a season full of goals and ambitions could end in drama. or partial joy. Everything depends on the European League, the tournament that has become a priority for Allegri’s men. The arrival of Pogba or Di Mara has been slow to impress, And it is that the “macaroni” was not activated until after Qatar 2022. Nothing was heard from the Frenchman on the field until a few weeks ago. Other signings like Paredes have been a disaster. And although Primer and Melek curdled better, it wasn’t enough.

Penalty overturned: Juventus regain 15 points in the Blisvalas case

In addition to Keiza’s injury (January 2022 knee problem). It prevents you from being the best version of yourself. Vlahović is struggling to find himself. Juventus had to find new leaders in the ‘next generation’ (the U23 team that plays in Serie C) and through Fagioli, Meriti, Sol o Ealing Jr., erecting a new backbone for the “ragazzi” coming from Continassa.

The penalty is pending

The problem with Juventus is that the Europa League is capable of that, given what we’ve seen It became the only way to play the next Champions League. or not. We explain ourselves: although CONI suspended the -15-point penalty, it knew there had to be another trial. And this one, which will take place on May 22, aims to leave a slight penalty … but it could be decisive to get the ‘Bianconeri’ out of the Italian TOP-4.

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And of course, in the meantime, UEFA remains vigilant. European football’s highest body has sent out several trial balloons to say it is following the issue closely. And really The fact that Italian justice has recognized Juventus’ guilt does not favor the Tour teamn before the eyes of Ceferin.

Serie A: summary and goal for Juventus 0-1 Napoli

Therefore, the Juventus season (with a month left) is unpredictable: It can end in success on the lawn and in offices, success on the lawn but not in the offices…or complete failure across the board.

Allegri’s future

Meanwhile, Massimiliano Allegri’s future remains the main topic of discussion in Turin’s cafes. Although they have won in the past (many Scudetti, Coppa Italia and two Champions League finals), the second stage was a disaster. Last season the coach was in 10 seasons until it becomes empty. without address. But Juventus, a very demanding club, did not kick him out. the reason? Sign up to 2025 and collect 7 million net worth per season. His parcel is too expensive for the moments that pass in Piedmont.

Europa League (Quarter-finals, second leg): Summary and goals of Sporting de Portugal 1-1 Juventus

Names like Zidane (Who won the Ballon d’Or with Juventus before he went to Madrid) resounding in the newsrooms of the media in Turin … But now with a distant echo. It’s not even close… although many in Turin yearn for it.

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