Europa League final: Mourinho: “Mendilbar believes history makes him a favourite”

Roma coach Jose MourinhoHe appeared in front of the media before meeting Sevilla in the Champions League final European league that will be disputed tomorrow in Puskas Arena in Budapest. “It’s been a long journey, that’s right. Our opponents come from the Champions League. We’ve played 14 games to be here. I am sure we deserve it. We’ve just arrived, we’ve worked the last two or three days to be in a position to play this final,” he answered the first question. He was not questioned by Dybala in a short round of questions. “She’s here for 20 or 30 minutes,” he jokes in the hallway as he bids her farewell..

Play the story?

“We are a team that in recent months has played quarter-finals, semi-finals and games without rest in the league. Without recovery time and without rest. History does not play, and my colleague Mandelbar thinks differently because he believes that history makes him a favourite. It is an opinion that must be respected. We are in this final because we deserve it. We do not have the history or experience of others. It’s not very common for us to be involved in a European final, even though we were in a final last year. It’s historical. When the game starts we will be on the field. We will fight to win. Sevilla is a great team. I think we are two great teams.”

her future

“Mandilbar’s situation is more complicated than mine because his contract is expiring. It’s completely different from my situation with Inter, because I didn’t sign for Real Madrid, but I would have done so. It’s a different situation because I didn’t think of signing anyone. Only in the final. Coaches don’t play. We work before the game, and during the game a little bit. We’ve been working for several hours these last days to get to know Seville. Players must make up the story“.

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Budget Seville and Rome

“Don’t tell me I don’t believe it (Roma’s top budget). It’s funny because with the players Sevilla have…. We have B children, and if they have less income than Lamela, Nusairi or Montiel, they get paid less. I have had more opportunities than Mandelibar to play in Europe. We’re coaches from the same generation, we’ve got the same gray hair and we’re in a very similar situation.. We have two years in business with 30 European matches backlog. We are not little angels who got here.”

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