Europa League Final: Mendilibar: “We had a very good union, it would be crazy not to be able to continue”

Jose Luis Mendelbarelated after his team conquered European League in it Puskas Arena to Budapest In the agonizing penalty shootout, he left behind many pearls making his way through the Movistar Champions League microphones, both about his feelings after being champions of a continental tournament for the first time, about what happened in the penalty shootout and about his future.

How do you feel like a hero?

“I don’t know if I still think so, but that’s the way it is. We received the trophy, they gave us the medal and it looks like we won, right? I imagine when we take holidays I’ll start thinking about what we’ve done.”

Match analysis

“We started poorly, playing with our feet, without looking for spaces, without taking crosses, they played comfortably because they were always close. In the second half, we changed, we were more aggressive, we took more passes, they stepped on more space and so on. It’s come.” tie”

Eventful extension

“Almost nothing was played in extra time, the ball was fixed all the time, injury, substitution… But we succeeded with penalties and we got the prize.”

Was Montell the fourth pitcher or the fifth?

“We were very clear who could shoot, and then you tell them who they want to shoot. The truth is, they were ready and they gave the order. Montell was fifth at first, but then they switched between them. They were going to shoot whoever they shot, But it changed at some point.”

And now what?

“Let’s see what happens, we have to enjoy this moment, from here to the Real Madrid game, in Seville with all the Sevilla players, and then I imagine we’ll talk about something.”

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Do you want to continue in Seville?

“Yes, I am very comfortable here, I always say so. I would be glad if I did not introduce myself, but I was great with the children, and they soon took what I asked for. As you gave me what I gave them.” It would be milky not to be able to go on, but hey.”

Do you think they will offer you renewal?

“Maybe maybe…”.

You even know the national anthem.

“Not all either, but quite a bit. Mission accomplished.”

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