Europa League final: Mendelbar: “History does not win finals, nor completes”

Andtrainer SevilleAnd Jose Luis MendelbarHe appeared for the last time before feuding with him The first final On the bench and it’s not just a European title at stake. and the Seville In the European League a lot Seville. “When I arrived, the club had gone through two qualifying rounds European League. The story is there and does not lie. The club in this competition was the best team. There are addresses Ah, “I started.” When you arrive, although the equipment is poor, the people He is not satisfied with saving the classBut they tell you so Europe there And Budapest This H. will compete a lot against a tough competitor. With our weapons, I am convinced of that We can win“Add.

“It’s just a match. The story or the experience is very good, but it is a football game. I don’t know what weighs more. It’s my first final. Not my players, not my team, not the opponent’s coach. What we should play is a good game, without mistakesbecause they pay dearly, and play as we have shown,” argued with regard to the historical power of Seville Compared to his competitor on the bench.

Kind words from Mourinho

“I am grateful for what Mourinho says about me, the team and the club. History does not win finals and does not complete. It is the most difficult opponent because it reached the final. We have no advantage or disadvantage with them.”

uncertain future

“It’s just that I don’t care. It’s that I signed for two and a half months. I don’t care. I’m calm. I came from unemployment to Sevilla. The contract ends on the 30th of June. What I’m trying to do is win this final and finish in the best way possible in Anoeta and we’ll see what happens. It doesn’t worry me at all.”

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“Defensively, they’re very strong. They don’t need a lot of chances to score and win. They don’t worry about having to get into the opponent’s goal. They’re not like us. They feel comfortable defending close to their area or pressing up. They have both sides.” against him. They rarely get nervous as the minutes go by.”

possible alignment

“I hope nothing happens in training and if that’s the case, I’ve decided. I’ve already given the necessary turns in my head. Since the last league game I have a clear.”

how will you sleep

“I think I’ll sleep well. I’m also tired because we had to get up so early to come here. When you get to these pitches, and you know the game you’re going to play, I know something goes inside. It’s better to feel it now than not to arrive tomorrow and see it.” From the beginning. You know what’s new.”

Is winning vital to your future?

“I don’t think it’s important for my future. It’s like a historian who prepares a 90-minute report and has to change it because at the end there is a purpose…”

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