Europa League final: How much money will Sevilla or Roma get when they are UEFA Champions?

theto European League Final disputed today Wednesday, May 31, 2023 in Budapest, between Seville and Rome. Starts from 9:00 pm. The ball will start rolling between The Spanish team that never lost a finehe and set Jose Mourinho, who also did not lose as the final coach in European competition.

How much money does the European champions get?

Teams participating in the competition receive a amount of money as they progress in the European competitionto. The champion, in addition to the cup, gets the most money with a Pass to the UEFA Champions League.

Receives the European champion Four million euros. But to this amount you have to add all the money they got from the group stage. The sum of this number is up to 19,360,000 euros. This amount Variable based on whether teams come from the Champions League or not.

existing teams Floor 32 receive amount 500,000 euros. in Round of 16 1.2 million, quarter-finalists 1.8 million, qualifying for the semi-finals 2.8 million and qualifying for the final 4.6 million.

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